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Social Profiling to Co-Create Context with Team Narrative

The WHY of anything is embedded in the broader context - any rational thinking mind wants to know that WHY to truly believe in something before making decisions or taking actions or extending support. Social posting and listening captures and collates team narrative - to profile common context for both deeper and big picture understanding.

Narrative empowers and adds the human side to insight

Multiple experiences, interactions, stories, observations and viewpoints are formed as people work together. Moreover, these transcend beyond organizational or geographic boundaries. Are these relevant? Absolutely, YES! Peerroom gives these a voice. Generally exclaimed to teams that they are the eyes and ears of the company - Peerroom gives those eyes and ears a mouth to transfer what they have experienced and observed. Being data-driven is meaningless without blending these voices to make sense of the analysis to produce real insights. Narrative highlights the dimensions that data cannot capture nor analyze. Narrative is like a litmus test that refines thinking and analysis - makes it stronger and gets it closer to the true reflection of the context.

Without the set of facts or circumstances that surround a person, business, data, situation, event, topic or anthing being profiled, the interpretation and insights may be entirely misplaced and lead to gross misjudgment.

Profile anything - whatever your purpose leverage collective team narrative and get insights from the wisdom of the crowd

Profile anyone, anything, anyplace or any topic. Peerroom is for everyone - all teams can use Peerroom for whatever they do. Where there is a team, Peerroom is a tool for that team. Peerroom can also be used for open groups or communities to gather insights at large.

See the Bigger Picture - Social profiling has deeper and lasting outcomes compared to group messaging

Social profiling attaches higher purpose to the collaborative workspace. Compared to conversations, it continually builds a library of profiles that is worthy of repeated long-term reference. Profiles become a digital asset for the teams to leverage for clarity, reference and more. If everyone in the team relevantly contributed one new post, now everyone has many posts worth of context to see the bigger picture.

Big Data Demands Big Context - When we entered the age of big data, many of us assumed we had left the age of big risk. We didn’t have to guess anymore. We didn’t have to go out on a limb. We’d follow the numbers, the “truths.” But time and time again we’re finding that it’s not that simple. No matter how good the research is, big data is nothing without big context.

Qualitative input plus statistically derived data analysis produces meaningful insights

The journey from data to meaningful insights needs qualitative input - coming from experience, observation or research. The subjectivity behind behaviors, triggers behind trends and the impulse behind a movement cannot be undermined; none of which is either captured or reflected in the data. The most logical deductions from data are not failproof as there is always more to it that only narrative can add. Blending data and narrative enables deeper understanding and allows to draw more insights from the data.

Social listening is eye-opening more often than you expect

Leaders recognize beyond doubt that it is crucially importnat to keep listening intently (to employees, channel partners, customers etc.) to sense the current pulse of the business, org-culture and to gather competitor intelligence. Do not make the mistake of discarding stray comments as noise. Comments gathered from social listening may trigger ideas and shed light on blind spots - some of which may have substantial impact on strategy, customer satisfaction, growth and profitability.

Social listening can redefine the way managers approach strategy, marketing and org-culture. Social-listening competency may well define competitive advantage in the digital age.

Efficient collaboration for many minds to achieve more together

Brainstroming is a proven technique - it cross-pollinates ideas, deepens understanding, builds clarity and promotes agile thinking. Peerroom is a simple tool to get teams to work together more productively - anytime anywhere even on-the-go. Social profiling is a clear winner. The social elements automatically enthuses healthy competitiveness, transparently sets relative accountability while offering recognition for contributions.

Align the WHY to arrive at consensus and to lead change

Unless you bring everyone on the same page, boosting progress is like running with weights tied to your legs. Peerroom democratizes the broader context with the underlying rationales unfolded in a social setting, addressing doubts and queries to get everyone along. The harsh critics get aligned as the wisdom of the crowds emerges. Negative comments travel faster in grapevine and positive comments remain passive - but in Peerroom the positive comments also find voice to counter the convert the opposing viewpoints.

To Lead Change, Explain the Context - Leaders have to place strategic changes, initiatives, and goals into a broader organizational context, or they risk losing good talent, burning out managers, and wasting money on programs that don’t pay off. People have to see why what they’re doing has to change, why they should suddenly be moving in a new direction.

Advanced design yet simple to use - and easy to setup for many use cases

Post and tag to profiles and feeds in a shared online workspace. Setup profiles by type and sub-type; map them to other related profiles and get going. Post to share, capture and reference. Post to update real-time. Feeds add a matrix dimension to the posts - to sort, filter, organize and enable even secure selective sharing on the side. So much can be done with this simple yet such a powerful tool.

Already prevelant habits of social networking and messaging trigger easy adoption

Familiarity with social networking sites and group messaging apps itself makes users trained in social profiling. Our design leverages this as the users hit the ground running to achieve more together in Peerroom.

Acquire a deeper understanding and draw more insights by applying many minds and combining many experiences together. Streaming posts into multiple profiles and feeds offers ways to consolidate strong, sustainable and winning outcomes for the team.