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Accessibility, Availability, Architecture & Updates

Reliable platform with innovative design, advanced stack and strong track-record.
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{{page:IN4S7ATIKFQ9:Accessibility, Availability, Architecture & Updates}}
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Access Anytime, Anywhere, On Any Device

No software installation - Not even for barcode scanning

Fully browser based - Simple internet access | No browser plugins | Wide browser coverage (Chrome, Edge, IE11, Firefox, Opera, Safari)

HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript - Continuously refined for effective UX

Usable on tablets and smartphones - Tested for many small screen sizes | Many responsive pages

W3C Web Accessibility Guidelines compliant - Following recommended global best practices


Over 99.5% availability since launch in 2011

Amazon Cloud - Low Latency | High Availability | On-Demand Scaling | Automatic Scaling

Java Virtual Machine - Vertical Scaling | Horizontal Scaling | Platform Independence

Spring Framework - Lightweight Clustering

Monitoring - Amazon Cloud Monitoring | Pingdom Website Monitoring

Advanced Technology Stack

Modern, Advanced, Relevant & Scalable Technology Stack

Hosting: Amazon Web Services

Operating System: 64-bit Linux

Web Server: Nginx

Application Server: Apache Tomcat

Middleware: Spring Framework

Datastores: Oracle MySQL | MongoDB | Apache Solr

Integration: Spring Integration

Client Side: HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Seamless Updates and Controlled Releases

Uninterrupted and Frequent Releases for Platform Updates

Frequent releases: Weekly deployments to production - We continue to make refinements and enhancements to improve the platform and its services. We modify, suspend, or discontinue any features and functionalities on the platform from time-to-time. For example, we may make changes to the materials, user experience and/or services to offer our users a better experience and superior set of applications to serve their goals and to improve their productivity. For the optimal performance of the services, we provide email alerts and also publish the new release notes with the highlights of the changes.

Rigorous and thorough testing protocols - Strict and comprehensive testing regime for every change. Every change on the platform undergoes a thorough testing regime before it is released to production. Our zero-defects policy makes rigorous testing protocols mandatory for all small and big releases.

No downtime for releases - On-the-go updates without impacting availability. As a cloud based service, we process new releases in a seamless manner that change the features and functionalities, incrementally or substantially as the case may be. We study the pattern of user preferences - through interactions, feedback and usage analysis of our platform. Being a 24x7 live platform, such updates and upgrades are a regular part of use of our services.

Robust Development Process

10 Points Reflecting the Robustness of Our Development Process

1. Agile development process with weekly deployment to production.

2. Dedicated testers for continuous quality monitoring.

3. Standardized processes for development and testing to ensure team alignment.

4. Use of best-of-the-breed tools for development, configuration management, and deployment management.

5. Shared tools and processes for transparent schedule and requirements tracking, sharing, and management.

6. Zero-defect policy to ensure top product quality.

7. Very short defect lifespan and quick defect turnaround for minimum business impact.

8. Automated system monitoring and triaging for ensuring high system availability.

9. Continuous integration testing to ensure instant alerts for incomplete or incorrect code.

10. Regular testing for non-functional requirements such as security and performance.

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