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The Design, Scope & Technology Advantage

Advanced tech-stack with enterprise-grade security. Work alongside legacy systems and leverage one-to-many integration.

Simple, intuitive & utilitarian user experience - easy on the eye - Mindfulness to aid smarter focus. Minimalistic - sleek, functional, clutter-free. User-centred human design, easy to learn - even for non-tech users.

Wide scope - Natively integrated embedded applications blending multilevel connected commerce, online expos with personalized catalogs, CRM, CMS and social profiling. plus continually evolving.

Advanced tech stack - Availability >99.5% since 2011. Cloud deployment with low latency and on-demand automatic scaling. Java Virtual machine, Vertical Scaling, Horizontal Scaling, platform Independence, Spring Framework, Lightweight Clustering. Independent, third-party monitoring and alerting.

Enterprise-grade security - Advanced enterprise grade security. SSL with 128-bit AES encryption, OWASP Top-10, FIPS 140-2 compliant secure storage, ISO 27001 compliant cloud solution, IP-restricted access to servers.

Integration with legacy systems - Work alongside legacy systems. Leverage one-to-many integration.

Seamless updates - frequent releases with no downtime - Refinements and enhancements released on an almost weekly basis. Rigorous and thorough testing protocols.

The Design, Scope & Technology Advantage