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Online Tradeshows with Personalized Catalogs and 1:1 Contracts

Cloud campus with many online expos connecting people to opportunities and ideas around a digitized collection of brands and products with engaging content and networks. Linked networks with personalized multi-brand catalogs, 1:1 contracts and trade deals and leads.

Explore Options for Product & Supplier

HyperEXPO is a cloud campus hosting a set of online expos connecting people to opportunities and ideas around a digitized collection of brands and products with engaging content and networks.

Trade shows on the cloud that run round the year and round the clock enabling

  • sellers showcase brands and products
  • buyers explore options and access structured product information in one place
  • discover new connections, reconnect with some and stay in touch with your network
  • sales leads, purchase leads and distribution leads
  • communications for products, technologies and more
  • sales promotions and deals to maximize trade
  • harmonized masters and contracts — custom 121 contracts between any two trading partners
  • updates, views and opinions from influencers, brands and community members
  • and lots more

    Organize Product Information & Updates

    COMMUNITY HYPER - Many-to-many Hyper moderated by a neutral anchor with wider and open inclusion of trading parties, brands and products.

    PRIVATE BUYER HYPER - Many-to-one buy-side Hyper moderated by/for the anchor buyer. In this case the anchor compiles the assorted listing of brands and products for digital transformation of its own business network for sourcing or as the case may be.

    PRIVATE SELLER HYPER - One-to-many sell-side Hyper moderated by/for the anchor buyer. In this case the anchor compiles the assorted listing of brands and products for digital transformation of its own business network for sales or distribution or as the case may be.

    Harmonize Masters & Contracts

    USE YOUR OWN CUSTOM CLASSIFICATION - Custom classification is a game-changer. In the ocean of product options, every buyer or seller has a unique portfolio classification that is set in their unique business context. HyperEXPO is designed to digitize these custom collections - and not to enforce a one-size-fits-all template on everyone.

    AS MANY HYPERS YOU WANT - Buyers organize by portfolios - capital purchases, operational, maintenance etc. Sellers organize by segmentation based on customer, products, markets etc. Virtualize this with multiple Hypers on The Common Cloud.

    PRODUCT INFO SETUP JUST ONCE MAPPED TO MANY HYPERS - Made easy for the sellers to list products on multiple Hypers. Put together the product information just once - then map products to different classifications of each Hyper.

    LEVERAGE COMMUNITY HYPERS TO REFINE YOUR PRIVATE HYPERS - One-to-many or many-to-one Hyper moderated by/for the anchor buyer or seller. In this case the anchor compiles the assorted listing of brands and products for digital transformation of its own business network for sourcing or distribution or as the case may be.

    OVER 50 COMMUNITY HYPERS IDENTIFIED FOR ROLLOUT - B2B trade needs sectoral focus with no clutter of out-of-scope info. Traders deal with chosen portfolios - and sectors have their own nuances. Community Hypers maintain the needed hygiene, focus and depth on sector portfolio. Not a case of lost in the crowd.

    Compared to traditional trade conferences, online expos offer many advantages. From limited time to round-the-year round-the-clock (365-24/7). From expensive participation (high travel costs involved) to economical inclusion. From scheduling clashes to anytime anywhere access. From rushed interactions and introductions to freely discovering connections globally. From tiring overload to high focus and attention. From limited speaker slots to welcoming influencers to share freely.

    Top 5 Components of Hypers

    Linked Networks & Directory

    Many-to-many multilevel networks - Link multilevel distribution networks and many-to-many non-linear web of trade arrangements. Redeign networks on-the-go without delays. View network tree as your trade partners appoint partners further down the channel.

    Discover and reconnect - Find and get found by new trade partners. Rapidly contract and be transaction-ready. Publish to flag when looking for distributors or vendors.

    Stay-in-touch - Leverage continued connectivity on The Common Cloud platform to manage and engage a large network.

    Brands, Products & Catalogs

    Digitize your collection - Showcase your brands and products online. Build an online showroom. Create a 2-level master structure of products and variants. Organize portfolios in context for your customer segments.

    Personalised Catalogs - List once and then map to classifications across many Hypers. Each hyper is like a custom catalog - the same product may appear in a different section of different catalogs. This allows personalisation that fits to purpose.

    Boost new product launches - Faster and firsthand communication on new and upcoming product launches.

    Content & Updates

    Brand visibility - Tell your brand story. Publish to communicate your differentiation. Brand pages offer a canvas for you to express what you like, when you like and the way you like.

    Influencer marketing - Publish endorsements from KOLs and key endusers to build credibility for your products and brands.

    Publich updates - Brand page or on the business page - communicate.

    Leads & Deals

    Messaging for product and trade inquiries - Each product has many messaging options to spark interactions that convert into new business. Makes it easy for traders to contact you or your distributors and kickstart business dealings.

    Flash promotions - Cut short the Chinese whisper in sales promotions. Reduce administration in release and execution of schemes to boost sales, seasonal deals, stock liquidation etc.

    RFQs - Buyers publish request for quotations and reduce effort for sourcing deals.

    Harmonize Masters & Contracts

    Item master management - Central masters are starting point for transactional accuracy, supply assurance and data hygiene. Many controls are embedded in the masters along with cascading barcode scanning setup to the network.

    Lock custom 1:1 contracts - Setup commercial terms by market, by timeline and by customer.

    Easily manage price revisions - Plot new pricing to a timeline and the platform shifts automatically without interruptions with zero downtime.

    Designed to be truly B2B - custom many-to-many network design with multilevel chains, no public pricing to be published, custom 1:1 pricing and contracts, personalized product classifications, complement content with product listing and many more.

    HyperEXPO for Buyers - Streamline Sourcing


    Explore Options for Products & Suppliers

    EXPLORE PRODUCT OPTIONS - Standardized product page with relevant information neatly organized in one place.

    DESIGN YOUR PERSONALIZED PRODUCT CLASSIFICATION TO CURATE YOUR OWN BUYING CATALOG - Every buying context is unique, so the common community classification is not the reliable solution. With your own Hyper, you structure it the way you like - exactly fitting your for purpose and context.

    MAKE MULTIPLE PORTFOLIO CATALOGS - Personalized classification can also become too large to manage. Many purchase departments have multiple teams by portfolio - the same way you can now make multile hypers with portfolio-wise classification.

    DISCOVER AND CONNECT WITH SUPPLIERS - Find and get found by new trade partners. Rapidly contract and be transaction-ready. Publish to flag when looking for distributors or vendors.


    Organize Product Information & Updates

    LEVERAGE STRUCTURED PRODUCT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT - With our natively integrated content management application, the product pages go beyond mere listings. Suppliers plot content needed in B2B scenarios in one place for ease of anytime anywhere access.

    MESSAGE SUPPLIER OR PRODUCT MANAGERS EASILY TO GET THINGS DONE - Many options mapped on the product page to quickly message the brand or the distributor for variety of purpose from queries to inquiries to sale call or service call and more.

    GET REGULAR UPDATES FROM BRANDS AND SUPPLIERS - Remain up to date with regular and firsthand updates published for products, brands and suppliers.

    NEW AND UPCOMING PRODUCT LAUNCHES - Faster and firsthand communication on product new and upcoming launches.


    Harmonize Masters & Contracts

    ITEM MASTER MANAGEMENT - Master management itself is a consuming task. In most product sectors, over 1/3rd of the SKUs change every year. With central master management on HyperEXPO, these get updated automatically at source.

    DIGITIZE 1:1 CONTRACTS - Many versions of contracts with hundreds of suppliers in Excel files or signed print copies are inefficient and outdated. With Hyper, you manage these online with 1:1 terms that remain privy only between you and the respective seller.

    PUBLISH AND MANAGE RFQS - Request for quotations on via messaging or publish an open request for quotations to source deals with limited effort.

    AVAIL PROMOTIONS AND DEALS - Watch announcements for schemes and promotions by suppliers to get the best deals.

    Explore products, discover trade partners and exchange business leads. Design your own customer, channel and vendor network. Digitize collections, structure catalogs and also map to many expo classifications. No publicly published pricing - harmonize masters and 1:1 contracts.

    HyperEXPO for Sellers - Maximize Sales & Customer Loyalty


    Link & Expand Customer Networks

    • Discover and connect with customers
    • Stay in touch and engage customers
    • Reduce customer efforts and gain loyalty
    • Deliver compelling customer experiences
    • Upgrade Existing Network to Digital
    • Grow your audience


    Map & Manage Distribution Network

    • Link distributors and sub-distributors across markets
    • View multilevel distribution chains across markets
    • Setup territorial and portfolio allocations
    • Discover New Distributors — post-it when you are looking for new distributors


    Lead Generation

    • Get leads from inquiries and other messages from supplier
    • Respond to RFQs and win new business
    • Get sales leads
    • Generate more sales leads with content marketing, influencer marketing and sales promotions
    • Speedup revenue cycle — Nurture leads to make them hot before passing it to sales for closure


    Product Marketing

    • Digitize your collection
    • Design your sales catalogs with personalized product classification
    • Make multiple sales portfolio catalogs
    • Effective product launches
    • Map product listings to customer Hypers


    Content Marketing

    • Structured PIM (product information management) offers on-demand content to customers and trade partners
    • Communicate brands and suppliers updates regularly - Separate brand pages for multiple brands
    • Publish real-time on your business page and brand page
    • Empower to engage your audience with relevant product distinctions and updates
    • Get creative with your marketing communications
    • Publish PDFs, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word Files


    Growth Marketing

    • Run sales schemes and promotions
    • Effective ways to run flash promotions
    • Iterate schemes and pricing with quick feedback on one shared digital platform
    • Easy to communicate and run sales promotions
    • Get faster and wider impact of schemes and promotions
    • Deploy flash pricing to maximize revenues


    Brand Visibility

    • Build your brand reputation with sleek product showcase and smart content
    • Get noticed


    Influencer Marketing

    • Publish opinions from KOLs or by them directly
    • Independent endorsements from KOLs are increasingly important to build credibility for products and related technologies or other attributes


    Harmonize Masters & Contracts

    • Item Master Management - central masters ensure hygiene, controls, barcodes etc.
    • Digitize 1:1 contracts or map segment pricing