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Highly Configurable To Fit Every Context

Because every business is unique, our design moulds the platform to the way you do business. Even with the same account capabilities on the common cloud, you make choices to make it most suitable in your unique business context.

Flexible & Modular Frameworks

Design for Open Context with Flexible and Modular Frameworks

Design for open context - Avoid coding rigid practices and hardcoded activities. Higher level design allows configurations allow users to govern their own processes and workflows. For instance, in order-to-cash processes, platform allows the account to define order types itself, opening possibilities to configure diverse commercial arrangements, revenue models, tax regimes etc.

Each company opts to make it fit-to-business - Deployment choices map structures and organization into the platform

Standardization with room for diversity - Freedom within the framework. Cross-company standardization does not take away unique nuances and choices in every company account. It is like a living complex with similar looking towers, apartments, common areas and shared facilities but full freedom for people to setup inside each apartment by their own choice.

Flexible response to changing requirements - Frameworks enable easy adaptation to align with newer realities - making it as simple as tweaking in many cases.

Same Account Capability to Everyone

Same account capability with modules covering buy-side, sell-side and more.

One universal account framework - Every account is the same - none is hardwired based on their role in the trade chain. This allows every business to perform all functions on buy-side, sell-side, sales, after-sales etc. Every account is enabled to manage diverse interfaces with other parties on the platform.

One code base - Simplifies the code base | Contributes to higher code quality

Modules and entitlements - Easy on-off activates or deactivates modules | Dynamically revise entitlement limits to suit business needs

Smoothly extend deployment to broader scope - Phased rollout | No extra efforts to activate additional modules | Leverage user familiarity with the platform while activating more modules

Independent Self-Managed User Accounts

Truly a many-to-many design.

User accounts are not a subset of the business account - Unlike enterprise systems, user accounts on the platform are independent from the business account. Association is created by adding users into a business account.

Users create and manage their own accounts - Workflows for user account management are designed for individuals to manage on their own. This frees up time for the platform admins from mundane tasks like password reset etc.

Allocate multiple positions to users within the accounts across all units - Users are allocated positions to activate rights and duties. They can hold multiple positions within the account across all units. This is also used to create info-groups for selective sharing of sensitive information.

One user many positions across many accounts - Being an independent identity on the platform, users can hold many positions across multiple accounts. This opens possibilities for collaboration with other businesses or to better leverage external consultants and many more scenarios.

Simple, Intuitive & Utilitarian User Experience

Designed for everyone.

Mindfulness - Aids smarter focus | Design for intent with clear goals

Minimalistic - No-nonsense | Sleek and functional | Relevant only | Clutter-free | No overload | Crisp and precise

User-centred - Human design | Intuitive | Easy to learn | Self-adoption | Easy-tech for non-tech

Big picture context - Know where you are in the process

Diverse screens-sizes - Any device | Desktop, tablet and smartphones

Page performance - Monitor page load times

Consistency - Familiarity to the environment builds both confidence and productivity

Easy on the eye - Mild tones enable stress-free extensive daily use | Avoid flickers and flashes | Continuous long durations use

Energetic appeal - Inviting | Happy | Not dull | Not consuming

Navigation - Find easily | Logical visual groupings | Serial positioning


White Labelling the WONEX-Platform: Use the domain associated with your brand, sector, project etc.

Custom domain/URL - The platform supports the configuration of a custom domain, custom URL or custom subdomain. It allows you to opt for a domain or URL of your choice to access and use the service.

Your brand experience - Tailors the environment for your network and defines it in alignment with your brand. Allows sub-conscious brand recall across multilevel networks. Establishes an unparalleled brand experience for the network while the platform powers it in the background.

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