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Integrated CRM & SFA

Deploy natively integrated customer relationship management and sales force automation to multiply sales productivity and customer engagement. Nurture deeper customer connections. Double-triple-quadruple active selling time. Shift expensive sales time from admin and non-value-add activities to higher customer and sales time.
Relationships are the trees and revenue is the fruit. Foster real and lasting relationships with high customer equity to gain crediblity with increasingly higher year-on-year growth.

Glaring gap between current and desired sales productivity. Only 11% time is spent doing active selling.

Besides studies and surveys, experience shows that any sales person is forcibly spending too much time in doing non-sales tasks - we just absorb that and even glorify it by calling it as sales admin to make it sound like it is part of the sale role. But surely they are hired and trained to do a lot more than that.

Clear opportunity to double, triple or even quadruple sales productivity - it is like getting two salespersons for the cost of one.

Stop chasing data and documents; chase customers instead to sell more - empower the salesforce to consistently work at peak performance.

Great relationships matter because they’re durable. More than today’s sales numbers or quarterly reports, your “relationship numbers” let you know whether your organization will continue to thrive in the coming years. CRM is a tool for finding this out, and for helping correct what’s not working.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Profiling & Live Context

Upgrade from know your customers to understand your customer - capture and leverage evolving context.

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Opportunity Management

Smart Lead Management with tracker for deals with custom-defined stages. Leverage integrated commerce applications for item masters, pricing contracts and more.

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Sales Forecasting

Closer focus on 30-60-90 days cycles with the revenue roadmap - with probability ratings iterated to reflect dynamically changing deal closure status.

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Sales Pipeline Review

Redefine reviews to be about making meaningful contribution by leveraging live activity feeds and performing collaborative mindwork for deal closure.

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Customer Support

In this hyper-connected tech-savvy world, majority of customers prefer self-service over speaking to someone. Be it content or request tickets, customers want to remove the hassle of calling and chasing anyone - plus the anytime anywhere advantage.

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Too many executives are missing the most important part of CRM. Relationships aren’t numbers, and CRM isn’t an efficiency tool. It’s a relationship-building tool — that’s why there’s an “r” in it — and it’s one of your only opportunities to put real effort and resources toward developing your network of relationships.

Sales Force Automation (SFA)

Sales Productivity thru Real-time Visibility

Allocate customers to sales reps and allow access to see live status on orders, billings, transactions, receivables and more.

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Sales Quotations

Quotations generator simplifies life and assures use of up-to-date item masters and pricing info.

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Sales Performance Management

Customer assignment and defining quota (target setting); sales credit allocation; sales credit on secondary sales; live sales dashboard with target, achievement and collected status.

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Sales Content-On-Demand

On-the-go contextual actionable clarity - Make content available while your workforce is in action. Quick reference on-the-go replaces guesswork and straining memory from classroom sessions.

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Sales Support

Sales support ticketing ensures that everyone contribute meaningfully to sales efforts. Improve rep engagement with assured sales support alongside real-time data dashboards - cut down on chasing and follow-ups.

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Data is the new currency: How much experiential capital (data) is lost in staff transitions? Sales reps turnover is expensive - capture-n-relay customer context and interactions to stop reinventing the wheel.