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Modernize the ease of doing business while enabling everyone to engage more meaningfully with each other.


Get people, products, brands and companies hyper-connected for hyper-performance.


Get businesses closer and aligned to create more opportunities for growth and profitability.

Who are we?

Hotlink is the Cloud Trade Center - a diversified cloud ecosystem that enables businesses and professionals to connect, collaborate and coordinate effectively across business networks, locally and globally.

Hotlink hosts many international digital expo events that enable businesses and professionals to discover new connections, expand market reach, explore product options, spark new business, share latest thinking, showcase new launches and help shape broader consensus alongside dynamic marketing around digitized collections of brands and products; extending into personalized portfolio management and one-to-one custom digital contacts. Further, Hotlink integrates and streamlines business networks (across customers, sales, distribution, service, sourcing and supply chain) for multiparty alignment to enhance experience, engagement, efficiency, agility, assurance and adaptability with multilevel data visibility for better fact-based decisions.