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Services & Support

Adoption of cloud technologies is the springboard for sustained higher performance for any business. We, enabled by WONEX Partners and guided by WONEX Experts, continually focus on providing services and support to WONEX Members to maximize leverages and business outcomes for themselves and their trade networks.
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We help our clients to shape a better future for their business and to upgrade the work of their people.

Our approach blends driving strategic clarity with enabling technology to carve the entire journey from outlook to outcomes. We take an end-to-end partnership approach while we offer our technology as-a-service and other flexible scope services to do all that it takes to meet our clients growth objectives.

We foster capabilities and culture to continually fuel the drive for business progress and to deliver sustainable strategic outcomes. We trigger the inception of game-changing strategies that cascade renewal and modernization of business ecosystems. We coordinate for business success as we facilitate change and transformation. We act as the catalyst for business growth and improvement. Te be a trusted advisor, a true partner and a leverage for strategy, leadership and general management, we keep an open-mind for flexible scope engagements to do all that it takes to deliver success for our clients and for them to surpass their business goals.

We support you to operate at peak performance and maximize value from our services and solutions.

We offer a range of support services, including training, documentation, issue resolution, updates and community. Our user support covers operational assistance and platform guidance for issues and tips related to (but not limited to):

  • How to questions about our services and platform features and functionalities
  • Best practices to help you successfully integrate, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud
  • Troubleshooting our platform issues
  • Troubleshooting operational or systemic problems with our resources
  • Issues with our Control Panel or other tools
  • Problems detected in performance of any feature or functionality

Note: User support does not include code development, debugging custom software and performing system administration tasks. We reserve the right to decline support cases which may fall outside of those admissible for user support. We shall exercise unconditional discretion in classifying support cases for both admissibility and severity.

Consulting & Implementation

Strategic clarity on goals and purpose of digital transformation is crucial to maximize leverages and business outcomes from B2B digital.

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Integration & Customization

We recognize that alongside multi-enterprise capabilities on WONEX, legacy enterprise systems remain equally important for your business. This is an 'and' scenario - not an 'or' choice.

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Crucial to align all subscribers on the platform; and to continually build and update the clarity of an ever evolving platform and its tri-network ecosystem. Documentation is structured into help, policies and master agreement.

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Issue Resolution & Community

Smart incident handling to ensure uninterrupted use of platform functionalities and to deliver a smooth user experience. Handholding users at point and time of use ensures on-the-go resolutions.

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WONEX strengthens the fundamentals of your business in ways that you have never imagined before.

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