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The Growth Advantage

Allocate more time for growth as you transform your business and trade networks to make B2B digital on Hotlink. Many growth triggers are activated as you enhance sales enablement, generate leads, gain agility, raise marketing effectiveness, leverage live pricing and promotions.

Sales enablement - Double/triple active selling time - reduce administrative and non-value-add time, higher face-time/ focus on customer relationships. Nurture sales leads and growth opportunities better.

Online market access - Dramatically lower the cost of market access; and time to market.

High-impact marketing - Heighten internal communication and brand visibility in your trade network. Generate more sales leads with content marketing and influencer marketing with live resource center. Superbly effective product launches

Make more time for growth - With shared automation, you simplify life and free up time from many non-value-added tasks - and redeploy time to customer-centric and growth oriented activities.

Live pricing & promotions - Deploy flash pricing to maximize revenues. Easily manage frequent price revisions.

Avoid loss of revenue - Speedy replenishment; rate of perfect orders (OTIF); combat counterfeiting

Quick adaptability to maximize growth - Lead and leverage disruptions - proactively change as the market dynamics evolve. Reshape networks and processes on-the-go. Fast on- and off-boarding of trade Partners for network redesign

The Growth Advantage

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5 Advantages

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5 More Advantages

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