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Integration with Enterprise Applications

Maximize your ROI through seamless integration with enterprise applications
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Integration with Enterprise Applications

We enable you to maximize your ROI through seamless integration with legacy systems and core enterprise applications, overcoming the challenge of overlapping technologies

Unified view - You need unified view of the data, one process and seamless experience of the overarching functionalities across all systems deployed in your business. Our integration services facilitate the flow of information between our platform/ applications and other software systems. Once integrated, frequent updates across applications can be automated to reduce the risk of errors, wasteful duplication and create a single real-time view of your data.

Flexibility in configuring APIs - We offer flexibility when configuring APIs and other integration settings that allow you to manage data from multiple sources to best suit your business purpose. As you transact in the multi-enterprise mode on our platform, you still continue to ensure that your ERP or other IT applications are up-to-date and all integrated systems are synchronized.

Diverse Integration Pool

Diverse Integration Pool (SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Tally - you name it)

Extend any ERP - Our technology stack offers possibilities to integrate with a diverse set of software applications.

Integration blueprint driven by client needs - Not prescriptive from our end

Open inclusion - In line with the our open inclusion philosophy we welcome the diversity amongst subscribers in a business network on the legacy enterprise systems they use. As brand owners working on SAP (or similar) trade with MSME who are working on Tally (or similar), we can offer a seamless way for each trade partner to integrate.

Choose Your User-Facing System

You Choose Your User-Facing System or a Combination

Evaluate what is most productive - Before we integrate to build interoperability across systems, we help you undertake an evaluation for the selection of the system that the user will face. This is done with the goal to maximize user productivity and while optimizing the integration efforts.

Combinations may maximize - The choice may vary by every specific context. We do not profess any one as the gold standard. It could even be a combination of both for selected workflows. There will be some functionalities unique to each system, unless those can be supplemented in the other, it will be the combination of the systems that may be the best alternative. Moreover, with ease of login into a browser-based cloud platform usability is not compromised in any way when both systems are used simultaneously. After all, it is just an alt-tab switch.

One Integration to Integrate with Many

Subscribers of WONEX have it effective as they integrate once with the platform and work with other subscribers through this one integration.

Each integrates just [one : one] - yet achieves [many : many] - Every business integrated into our platform enjoys integration with the system of every other business on the platform. In that regard, our platform, in a way, acts like the enterprise service bus for horizontal integration of many systems.

Each one to itself - first time - Each one takes care of their own integration. Every business ensures that their IT-system talks to the platform as they desire and do not have to worry about how their trade partners are managing the same at their end.

Each one to itself - every time - At the time of upgrade or change of IT-system by one, only that part of the integration is revisited - no one else is affected. Overall, it runs the operations seamlessly for everyone - uninterrupted as long as their own integration is working smoothly.

Wisely Scope the Integration

Caution: Do not overdo it in case your enterprise systems move from one generation to the next in step changes.

Prudence is in integrating essentials only - General tendency is to demand all that is possible. In technology, everything is possible. But the cost-benefit of everything is not always the best. When it comes to the scope of integration, our suggested philosophy is ‘essentials only’. Besides cost of integration the first time, it is withholding the cost of integration every time you upgrade or change your ERP.

High frequency high volume - Item masters may change frequently but are not the high volume - hence could be managed by a checklist-sync process. Primarily trade transaction involving orders management on both sell-side and buy-side need to be integrated. Subject requirements and context, if possible, stop at that.

New data points not workflows - Integrate points where new data is captured. No need to integrate sequential workflows. For instance, when you transfer order related data from the platform to your ERP, you can let the ERP process it on its own as if it was an input to it otherwise. This will reduce the integration effort and complexity.

Simple and Safe Integration

Simple and Safe Integration: Extend the ERP without Exposure

Digital data input/output - Most ERP systems exchange data with other applications - sometimes to simply avoid manual data entry. The same can be usefully and safely deployed for integrating with the platform.

Common extensions for digital order entry - Easily suffice as a useful integration point without exposing the ERP

Simple file-drop works - Without disturbing the structures and databases on either side - simple file-drop methods suffice

Significantly augments the power of ERP - With a few points of integration, the platform augments the power of the ERP to a network-wide digital multiparty value chain.

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