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The Data Advantage

Fresh and clean data; real-time end-to-end channel data visibility for better decisions faster. See stock status, revenues clocked and more across multilevel chains.

Why bother about data silos? - Bad data costs enterprises a lot of money every year. Good data earns higher revenue every year; and cuts costs and complexities. End-to-end visibility matters - enterprise data is a small subset of overall business data transcending outside your enterprise

Need: Real-time End-to-end Data Harmonization & Visibility - Get clean channel data for chain analytics. Lots of meaningful data resides in the channel network outside your enterprise.

Silo problems and their affects

  • Mismatches affect accuracy
  • Duplication affects efforts
  • Gaps affect completeness
  • Delays affect timeliness
  • Broken trails affect traceability
  • Missing meta-data affects attribution
  • Periodic dated data affects analysis

Deep dive with chain analytics for better decisions faster - Traceability at UDI level. Real-time reports for attribute driven stock holding and more. Gain deeper market insights with secondary sales data, customer info etc.

Improved planning & predictability - Clean data served fresh from across the network is a great leverage to plan and iterate continuously.

The Data Advantage

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