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IT Consultants

Advise business leaders and deploy solutions that address the most critical business issues. Focus on adding higher strategic business value and bringing advanced solutions to your cients.

What You Get

Increasingly Critical to Augment Capabilities for Outcome-based Service Delivery - Clients are demanding lasting improvements in the form of measurable results. We can do that as we blend your expertise and client context with our platform capabilities.

Greatly Empower Your Customers - B2B Digital is inevitable. Set you and your customers apart in the market with multiparty B2B cloud. Bookkeeping and enterprise systems still work on manual external handoffs - with lots of back and forth on emails, phone and paperwork. Hotlink helps you empower your customer to stay competitive in the digital age.

Build MSME patronage - Leverage our focus on MSME inclusion and MSME Subsidy to foster a network of MSMEs as your extended customer-base. Alongside this, build solutions for larger enterprises to work better with MSMEs to maximize distribution networks across national and international markets.

Joint-GTM for Increased Success Together - Win more faster with joint go-to-market and co-selling initiatives with Hotlink. Expand your business through marketing support and alignment with Hotlink. Access sales and marketing materials that allow you to get to market faster and stay competitive in the marketplace. Collaborate to increase ROI and extend sales enablement. Close deals more often with the leverages of the Hotlink products and the co-selling relationship along with the resources to support the sales process.

New Service Opportunities - Expand your scope and make more possible for your clients. Expand into managed services, cloud services or embedded software distribution with incremental agreements. Explore a range of products and services with no product liability that simplify digital transformation for your clients. Combining services, products and offerings with a focus on building highly customized and innovative solutions for clients reaps win-win-win outcomes.

Leverage the Cloud - Succeed in a multi-enterprise cloud environment with advanced solutions to address variety of client needs. Also, enables you to offer services on an ongoing basis by remotely logging into accounts for many clients.

Deepen Relationships & Engage with Leaders in the Expert Network - The tri-network ecosystem offers the context for meaningful engagement with business leaders from across a spectrum of disciplines, sectors and markets. Focus on customer needs without worrying about maintenance or integration.

Generate Leads and Pursue New Growth Opportunities - Generate more opportunities with latest cloud technologies and with a mutually reciprocal collaborative network. Partners cooperate for induction and onboarding of trade networks spread across markets in their respective coverage areas - creating opportunties for themselves and for each other.

Resources, Updates and Support - We continuously provide you with resouces, latest thinking and best possible support to make you succeed. You get access to online training and learning materials. We also provide you with early briefings and updates on new products, functionalities and strategy to keep you ahead.

Earn Higher Revenues as You Sell More Faster - There are many ways to earn revenue as a Hotlink Partner. Use your revenue share to invest back into your business.

Earn Recurring Revenue Share Over the Lifetime Value of the Customer - Achieve business goals and earn recurring revenue over the lifetime value of the customer. Every time you bring in a lead who pays to become a member, we are twice as happy to share a part of billings with you. You get paid not just every time that you bring in a lead, but every time the billings are done with a paying member managed by you. It gets even better, if your get members on free buy-only account, and that member does trade on the platform, you still get paid a commission as-if that member was a paying member. Review the Partner Revenue Share terms to understand this better.

On-Billing Commission - On-Collection payment - We have made it simple. You earn commissions right upon billing of account credits in any member account. It does not wait for utilisation of account credits. The payment is also done promptly in the very next commission cycle to ensure that you are paid on-time for your efforts.

Also Earn as You Grow & manage The Partner Network - You also earn as a Partner while you induct and manage more Partners in the network.

Gain access to technology that is the foundation for B2B digital transformation. Extend your service capabilities through a powerful and dependable platform to provide your clients with advanced functionalities and tailored solutions. You need technology assets to augment your delivery capabilities. Hotlink is the right choice for you to achieve more - you get a hassle-free advanced technology platform without any product liability. Go to market with products designed for higher revenue and end-to-end solutions.

What We Expect

Take Pride in the Mission - Our mission to make B2B Digital is by itself a strong statement - and with such a simplified and inclusive transformation approach, it is a compelling proposition for everyone.

Spread the Word - You actively spread the word about Hotlink. We make promoting easy for you with regular marketing initiatives. All you need to do from your end is let the world know about our amazing products and build the referral leads tagged to your Partner code. Use your voice to inspire and boost the mission to make B2B digital around the world. Earn revenue by referring and inducting your audience into the Hotlink networks.

Grow and manage the networks (Needs market presence and lead generation in your region) - Grow the tri-network ecosystem by inducting more experts, members and Partners. Lead generation and customer acquisition capabilities help you win more faster. We will provide all the support you need, to be successful, from our end. Established business with prospects in chosen industry is desirable.

Expertise in cloud products and client implementation - Commitment to build market knowledge of cloud products and offerings on Hotlink.

Demo & Showcase the Value Proposition - Showcase the platform to potential members. Use case studies and success stories to exhibit compelling business value propositions.

Unlock platform benefits into unique business context of the members - Understand needs and business processes to translate platform benefits into unique business context of the members. Create a prototype of your client-side implementation and a roadmap for how you plan to rollout one or more of Hotlink products.

Migration & Implementation Support - Implement and customize solutions to fit customers' needs and business processes. Help your clients migrate from traditional ways to B2B digital on the common cloud in a multi-enterprise environment.

Training Customers, Ongoing Handholding & User Support (Needs experience managing customer support and customer relationships) - Train your customer to get the most value for their business with Hotlink products. provide ongoing consulting and support as customer needs change or evolve. Needs adequate resources to respond to and resolve customer support requests.

Build Combined Solutions (enhance the ability to extend your product to solve bigger customer needs) - Support highly customized solutions for members. many areas need strategic and management consulting work to realize maximum benefits from our platform.

Encourage Deeper Leverages - Look for opportunities to generate additional value from other Hotlink products and services.

Spark Ideas for Improvement & Innovation - Continuously explore ways to further the mission with newer ideas and iterative design thinking.

Conformance with The Partner Network Code - Ensure alignment of all actions and inactions in accordance with the policies and code as is defined, applicable and updated from time to time. Always do everything that maintains the credibility, reliability and integrity of the networks and the Hotlink ecosystem at large. Foster cohesion amongst Partners and exhibit shared values and beliefs that help us all achieve aligned business goals.

Combine your expertise with Hotlink platform capabilities to design, plan, and deploy lasting improvements for your clients. Nurture deeper relationships with your customers as you continue to lead and own your client connections.