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Get People, Products and Companies Hyper-Connected for Hyper-Performance

Make B2B Digital - Get businesses closer and aligned. Link and sync businesses end-to-end with customers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and salesforce - and break the silos to avoid downsides of disjointed chains and networks.

Our Beliefs


Connectivity opens possibilities

It simplifies experiences, boosts agility, combines clean-data and sparks opportunities to accelerate growth


Businesses operate and compete as chains and networks (not as companies)

Business is not a solo sport - fates of businesses are increasingly interlinked


Hyper-connected businesses outdo less-connected rivals

Rapid response, seamless efficiency, end-to-end visibility and on-the-go adaptability are the new competitive advantage

Over the next decade, learning to operate in a business world with disappearing borders will become a necessity for companies that want to be competitive.

Why the need for immediate action?


Traditional trade formats are outdated - slow, unresponsive, uncoordinated and opaque

Almost all B2B trade partners recognize the need to change, but are struggling to shift to more modern online methods of trade. Manual interfaces of order processing via phone calls, emails, fax, courier, spreadsheets etc. are clearly inefficient, cumbersome, error-prone and expensive. The process compounds rising complexities in the buy-sell processes. Employees on either side of the trade waste time chasing, matching and reconciling data instead of investing time to more strategic and value-add tasks.


Silos are expensive and consuming speed-breakers - no more going back and forth

Silos operate through inherently inefficient manual processes with duplicative back-n-forth in inter-party interfaces. Opaque and expensive silos slowdown business and breakdown scale with poor customer responsiveness - as this clearly lacks coordination and convenience. This leads to unavoidable rework, duplication and non-value-add tasks like manual data entry, line-level matching, data verifications etc.


It is crucial to empower MSME Trade Partners

Many online marketplaces (both retail and wholesale) thrive on reapportioning margins by eliminating MSME traders. We do not see these as a sustainable solution across product categories. Despite convenience and transaction assurance, online marketplace platforms cannot replace MSME traders. Last-mile traders offer value-adds like personalized experience, trusted relationships, knowledge transfer, buying advice, product sampling, local presence and context, familiarity for fall-back, local safety stocks, sale-on-approval, consignment, one-to-one rate contracts, negotiations, volume-driven commercial terms, cash credit, skill transfer, related support services (logistics, installation, after-sales etc.) and more.


Data-driven decisions (not opinion or gut-feel based) need clean data

There is a significantly rising need for clean and timely end-to-end data for better and faster business decisions. With increasing stakes and pace of disruption, risk management has evolved to become highly data-driven. Business data pans across the network - not confined to the enteprise. Hence, channel data management with real-time end-to-end availability is now a critical success factor. Reported data is stale and unreliable - infested with gaps and lags. To be truly data-driven, leaders need instant on-demand access to fresh data.


The Amazon Effect is for real even in B2B - you no longer afford to offer subpar experiences

Buyers demand their B2C buying experiences to be translated into B2B sourcing. Moreover, B2B brands have an even higher need to educate to build confidence; and to influence sourcing decisions. Majority of B2B customers now want self-service access to information about products and orders. B2C experiences have now fundamentally redefined B2B customer expectations.


Costs and complexities are rising - more than ever before

Manpower costs are seeing unprecedented inflation while talent availability is getting challenging. Add to it the rising intolerance and impatience of the customers - with limited to no scope even for unintentional errors. Product safety and authenticity considerations are increasingly adding complexities alond with extended regulatory requirements. All these need to be attended with failproof proficiency for every customer for every transaction.

Digital channels are here to stay, and both B2B buyers and company-internal sales professionals are using them to complete transactions. B2B eBusiness and channel strategy professionals and their ecosystem partners must create websites that network B2B buyers researching online with call centers, inside sales agents, field sales professionals, and their own internal websites.

How it works?

Linkup (interconnected)

MANY-TO-MANY NETWORKS - Each party can map many other trade partners, staff and others into their network design. This many-to-many mappings virtually mirrors the real world complex web of business relationships - all in one place. Presence on The Common Cloud enables leverages for market access. This works across trade networks - to find new distributors or vendors or for them to approach you; and to find opportunities to connect with new or existing customers. Business networks do not just have linear links. Map any number of degrees - comprising both linear and nonlinear chains. Also, map alternate business relationships as they evolve.

MULTILEVEL CHAINS - The Common Cloud has a distinction as it builds and maintains network trails that are not just pairs of trade partners - but extend to any number of pairs in the chain. Some mappings are done via other trade partners but visible through the levels. Holistic business solutions are effective only when implemented across end-to-end chains.

NEUTRALITY & INCLUSION - Non-discriminatory positioning on an independent platform maintains arms-length segregation that critically offers the much needed psychological comfort to assure a sense of security against competitive dilution. It instils data hygiene, nurtures a climate of openness and fuels collaboration.


Syncup (interoperability)

AGILITY - Real-time triggers to do and get things done faster. Slash lead-times. Shorter TAT. Super efficiency to upgrade time to more strategic tasks. Disruption on-the-go for newer business models; quicker launches. Supply velocity and assurance: slash order lead times; shorter turn-around-time (TAT): faster data-in-motion triggers faster fulfilment; higher rate of perfect orders: faster data-in-motion gives extra time to accurately fulfil orders; better anticipatory readiness: more response time at hand to activate next line of support. Rapid response- and time-to-market: quick on-boarding of new parties - digital dealer setup is like an easy web-check-in; speedy product launches: go faster yet get it right and maximize impact.

SIMPLICITY - Ease of doing business. Seamless processes and handoffs. Experience and productivity. Consistently deliver, uphold commitments and exceed expectations of repeat customers with every participant in the chain working-in-tandem. Shared status updates ensure performance to timelines.

UNIFIED DATA - Without clean data, true intelligence is a wishful dream. Data is the new currency. But sadly the data is broken - silos break data trails. Over 75% of business leaders highlight lack of end-to-end visibility across the value chain as their top-ranked concern. Channel is mostly opaque. Reported data is mostly stale, unstructured, infected and incomplete. Repeated reconciliation and reprocessing of cumbersome data is costly. To add to the misery, meta-info is not even captured. With The Common Cloud, you pool and put data to work seamlessly. You can now proactively democratize data and leverage data at all levels for better decisions faster.


Lookup (intelligence)

VISIBILITY - Share-n-pool data & content: from reported data (mostly stale) to real-time data (always fresh); capture market intel across the network; leverage solid content to complement data and metadata. Manage and optimize stock across nonlinear chains.

TRACEABILITY - Track-n-trace across the chain: real time visibility of stock levels; track inventory consigned to 3rd parties; monitor expired and near-expiry stock; total traceability with unique identifiers; authenticity trails; combat counterfeiting; avoid territorial infiltration; effective recalls. Product safety with unique identifiers. Authenticity trails. Combat counterfeiting.

CHAIN ANALYTICS - Combined data from the entire channel transpates into broader and deeper analysis for more holistic and reliable business intelligence. Live real-time data offers limitless possibilities to improve decision making. Chain analytics helps connect the dots across data from multiple parties in the network to predict better.

Transform from disjointed silos to hyper-connected sync - Hyper-connected businesses outdo less-connected rivals.

In a business world with disappearing borders, The Common Cloud platform enables brands to orchestrate multiparty multilevel silos to thrive together in the hyper-integrated RED-ecosystem (real-time end-to-end digital ecosystem).

Perpetual Upside with The Common Cloud



New Leads & Growth Opportunities | Market Access & Expansion | Brand Visibility & Content Marketing | Effective Product Launches | Distribution Network Design | Flash Promotions | Frequent Price Revisions | Multilevel Consignment Controls | Speedy Replenishments | Anti-Counterfeiting




Ease of doing business | Streamlined Sourcing | Harmonized Masters | Reduce operational hassles | Speed of doing business - Save Time | Business Agility & Supply Velocity | Customer Satisfaction with Super Responsiveness | Super responsiveness | Stay updated with on-demand content | Self-service | Customer-centric Focus - Relationship | CRM - Customer Profiling & Live Context | Easy interactions | Contract & Transaction Assurance | Harmonized Masters & Contracts | Transaction Assurance | Product Safety Assurance | Supply Assurance | Scheduled deliveries | Live Status Tracking | | After-Sales Service Efficiency | Warranty records | AMC Management | Ease to log calls and raise service tickets




Real-time End-to-end Clean Data | Multilevel Channel Data Visibility | Better Decisions Faster | Smarter Risk Taking with Real-Time Data | Not Just GST Ready - Be GST Reconciled | Channel Stock Visibility | Traceability for Product Safety | Inventory with High SKU-Specificity | Frequent and High SKU-Proliferation




Sales Productivity | Staff Productivity | Cost Productivity | Harmonized Masters & Digital Contracts | Transaction Assurance | Cut Cost of Doing Business | Stock Producitivity | Network-wide FEFO (First Expiry First Out) | Batch/Lot-wise Stock and Pricing | Asset Producitivity | Loaner Assets/Demos in Rotation




Channel | Channel Alignment | Office Staff | Happy & Highly Engaged Employees | Salesforce | Field-Staff | Sales Incentive Policy on Secondary Sales | Data democratization | On-demand Information | Less Admin | Reduce operational hassles


Connectivity opens many possibilities for every business

Progressive businesses actively shape and regulate the working of their business-ecosystems; dramatically improving their own performance in the process. Take action now: start by mapping traditional trade partners and transforming them into hyper-connected networks as per your business context and brand experience to ACHIEVE MORE TOGETHER.

Simplified decision & smooth digital transformation - Not a costly restructuring project


Adoption on-the-go - pace-it & phase-it without straining resources & bandwidth

Take a completely modular approach. One segment of distributors or vendors or customers at a time or one market, one BU or even one party at a time.


Natively integrated embedded applications with enterprise grade security and seamless updates

With wide scope of native applications, you choose the scope and timing of rollout. You may simply extend usage of more applications on the platform with a simple activation. We actively manage data security with enterprise grade reliability as per stringent world-class standards. Our rigorously validated frameworks for secure and selective data sharing ensure watertight data-pockets for each brand.


Both national and international

Framework design enables flexible configurations for taxation on supplies across federal boundaries. Multi-currency supported. Setup for cross-border trade - manage international sourcing and distribution networks. Map taxation and ordering frameworks based on business jurisdiction.


Hassle-free "as-a-service" arrangement

You do not need any technology staff or expertise as you subscribe to our “as-a-service” model. This saves time, costs and hassles as we provide the technology with >99% uptime. Lets you focus on your core business and customers; and eases adoption by SMEs in your network.


MSME subsidy

Shared automation needs everyone aboard. As a multiparty platform, we make adoption viable for everyone in the trade network. MSME face budget constrains for advanced automation. Also, generally large enterprises gain higher leverages from shared processes and combined data. To balance feasibility and value-add, we offer a subsidy to MSME. Win-win for everyone.


You own, control, use and share your data

Besides monitoring usage of your account, we do not access or analyze any data or content in your account. Many platforms claim to use it at a broader cumulative level - but we explicitly state that we do not do that as we are in the business of shared business automation not in the business of selling data or data reports.

Link and sync businesses end-to-end with customers, suppliers, distributors, retailers and salesforce - and break the silos to avoid downsides of disjointed chains and networks.