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Distribution Networks



  • Distribution performance optimization
  • Overcome diversity in the way every party operates - rise above the different ways to work-in-tandem while offering the freedom for each one to be itself and maintaining the arms-length neutrality
  • Avoid inherent complications of the intertwined web of interfaces in overlapping multiparty multilevel trade networks
  • Standardization of experience, processes and controls across the chain
  • Avoid disagreements and disputes related to scope allocations, territorial infiltration etc.
  • Avoid straining resources and mindshare on issue resolution who can instead do better and more strategic activities



  • Freely design and redesign your network to maximize your business potential - flexibly map the same in HX
  • Increasingly, network design is getting more demanding with innovative go-to-market strategies that aim higher but call for complex execution
  • With HX, any design can be setup
  • Multilevel networks can be managed and monitored in one place
  • With HX, you get capabilities to transform and adapt quickly to get going faster with newer ways of go-to-market - being nimble is a huge advantage in today’s ever-n-fast-changing market landscape



  • Use the profiler module to setup a custom distributor profiling process suitable for your context and needs
  • Capture, curate and manage fact-sheets, business dealings, performance notes and interaction instances



  • Quick on-boarding of new parties - digital dealer setup is like an easy web-check-in
  • Easy ‘Web-Check-in’ of Distributors: Speedup time to market with efficient entry (and exit) of parties in the network; just activate the connect and do simple mappings - and you are set to go
  • Easily invite new distribution partners on the common-cloud-chain
  • Effortlessly digitize dealings with more distributors
  • Pace the B2B digital transformation in self-defined phases according to business priorities and available resource bandwidth



  • Simply delegate portfolios and markets
  • Contracts and email directives are words, settings on the shared platform are actionable rules that automatically govern transactional boundaries and the discipline of working together



  • Host all distributor related policies and procedures in a secure portal
  • One version at any time to get and keep all concerned on the same page
  • Digital bulletin board for announcements and policy changes



  • Emails are conversational and not the most reliable in getting things done - use of task managers (both individual and team) are not productive in managing support requests across any network
  • Ticketing helps you get organized in routing the tasks to appropriate staff and setting accountability on getting things done
  • Be it info-requests, resolutions, accounting queries or anything else, trade partner satisfaction is given the deserving attention with utmost sincerity
  • Simplifies the journey from intent to support to actually supporting
  • Trade partner never taken for granted - big or small, crucial or insignificant - value system of the business translated into reality with fairness in dealings