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Consulting & Implementation

Strategic clarity on goals and purpose of digital transformation is crucial to maximize leverages and business outcomes from B2B digital.
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The digital age is about experience and excellence - so is the focus of our consulting. B2B Digital can mean different things for different businesses. We help decode this for your business.

Helping Clients Win - We help clients confidently navigate into the future with our trusted ingenuity, our cloud technologies and our execution support. Focus and practice surely produce mastery if not perfection. Our ingenuity is based on our focus on customer experience and business excellence. While we do what we are good at (plus further learn and improve while doing), we let our clients focus on their core business.

Spoilt by options, customers want more and now - With diluted product and price differentiation, competition is on experience, speed and responsiveness. Amidst all this the attention deficit in sales owing to non-value-add follow-ups to arrange for supplies and chasing administrative tasks for order management. The shift from a product economy to a digital service economy is rapidly increasing the impact of automation in every aspect of life, making it a necessity, more than an opportunity for growth. Business needs to map their customer journeys, revisit routine challenges and transform their enterprises with newer digital tools. The multi-enterprise systems help evolve entire multilevel distribution and procurement networks to a whole new level of efficiency.

Handholding Strategic Design to Make B2B Digital - We demonstrate a real understanding of business and help our clients design and create measurable and sustainable change. We understand and establish the strategic importance of digital transformation in how your business performs and how it can maximize its untapped potential. With our consulting interventions we evidence the value we add for our clients.


WONEX platform is easy-to-setup with simple self-guided steps and uploads. From making the implementation blueprint to mobilising resources for the same to handholding rollout to be transaction ready; we provide support in building sustained capability throughout the digital transformation.

Appropriately Leverage the Plug-n-Play - Depending on the scale and complexity of digital transformation, an appropriate adaptation of our 9P-approach is formulated for on-the-ground execution of ideas. We outline the imperatives that are critical for successful implementation. At the outset, it is important to articulate clearly the purpose, and then constantly moderate the perception around the project. Implementation is more about people and processes, and much less about the enabling technology. Leadership conviction is of utmost importance while navigating change as restructured roles, redefined balance of power and unexpected trade-offs trigger conflicting agendas and flaring temperaments.

Handholding Smooth Transition - While our team works with clients on implementation projects, the implementation practice also pools talent from partners and outside resources as needed to create teams on a project-by-project basis. This often helps in cases where more handholding bandwidth is needed or for projects where wide-spread local onsite support is needed; and possibly cases where multi-linguistic support may help.


Embed employee training where it's needed most to accelerate adoption and ROI of the solutions with role-based learning and enhanced incident handling capabilities.

We work with you to improve in-house capabilities, build clarity, impart knowledge of the platform, concepts and processes, enhance issue resolution processes, and keep your operations running at peak performance. It is important to connect the top-down strategic intent with the bottoms-up actionable tasks. Training plan is drawn keeping in mind your organizational context.

  • Manage capability: Invest in building sustainable capabilities by identifying the right people to be trained - who possess understanding of the business and have good background knowledge of the operational processes
  • Manage continuity: those who are stable in the organization thus avoiding continuity risks; keep primary and secondary responsibilities to nurture trained fall-back resources who fill in for the missing resource
  • Manage cost: training days can add cost if repeated multiple times due to poor retention of people or knowledge - we recommend train-the-trainer programs to percolate knowledge in-house on-the-go

Train-the-Trainer - We strongly recommend the train-the-trainer model if size and nature of your organization permits. Embedding the platform routines into the training charter is one of the most effective ways to nurture capability. Once you have an in-house trainer, the overall capability quotient continues to rise without additional cash outflows. The trainer can then work with smaller groups and go deeper into each workflow at a pace that is most effective for the selected process areas. If the trainer is also the superuser then a lot of training can happen on-the-job.

Training Workshops - Classroom or online sessions are organized for selected modules to enable role-based learning. Besides conceptual and transactional walkthrus, one core emphasis of the training is to build awareness and orientation on how to get the needed clarifty from self-learning and reference resources at the time-of-need on-the-job. We like every user to be trained to succeed - that requires them to be self-sufficient in a manner that they first look to find resolutions themselves without looking for help from someone else. Moreover, retention of sessions based training must be complemented with self-learning to translate this knowledge into performance.


Be it process, infrastructure, organization or more; we enable operational excellence as-a-service for our clients.

We along with the Partner network assess the value-add to Members with managed services for any part of processes, operations, content etc. We work with complete flexibility in defining the scope that allows clients to elevate their business excellence and operational efficiency. Reasons to choose managed services may vary - cost optimization, headcount limitations, speed to market, larger footprint, extended functional bandwidth etc. Underlying business objectives remain consistent - measurable increments in top-line or bottom-line.

  • Process: Master maintenance, customer services, order management, more...
  • Infrastructure: Warehousing with managed services as a 4PL to work with 3PL providers, Office space for local staff etc.
  • Organization: Extended bandwidth for functional roles as-a-service, low-cost field teams for sales, service, customer support, logistics etc., low-cost organization hosting for sales, marketing etc.
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