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The Hotlink powers the mission to Make B2B Digital through the tri-network ecosystem of experts, members and Partners. These networks meaningfully collaborate and collectively steer forward to deliver lasting performance improvements and outstanding business outcomes for themselves and for others.

Our Motto: Achieve More Together. Operating models in the digital economy are increasingly collaborative and inclusive with external Partners - so is ours! We practice before we preach. We adopt a collective approach in our operating model to ensure that we are well guided by experts and enabled by Partners.

We work by combining strengths for deeper focus and impact. We do not aim to be everything for everyone. We believe what we do is worth doing well - and not to stretch ourselves thin and compromise on delivery quality or reliability. The Experts and Partners help us retain this deep focus - while they contribute meaningfully to bring in first-hand experience and subject-matter expertise in various sectors or product segments; or contextually deeper understanding of the dynamics, landscape and environmental factors of the business of the Members.

Expert Network

Guiding Force

Experts are the guiding force in the tri-network ecosystem of Hotlink. They are futurists, thinkers and doers with progressive ecosystem mindset. They contribute and collaborate to inspire and further the mission to Make B2B Digital. They are the torchbearers for timely transition of B2B networks into the seamlessly interconnected digital era - to leverage the inevitable disruption as an opportunity instead of it becoming a cause for disaster.

Member Network

Driving Force

Members are the driving force of the tri-network ecosystem of Hotlink. In an increasingly interconnected world, they progressively reshape their business to keep pace with the inevitable disruptions and to leverage opportunities for higher growth and profitability - both to stay competitive and to maximize collective performance across global channels and trade networks.

Partner Network

Enabling Force

Partners are the enabling force of the tri-network ecosystem of Hotlink. The mission to make B2B Digital is bolstered by combining strengths with leading Partners, that enhance business value and accelerate influence across global markets. Partners are integral to the mission as they translate opportunities into the business context of each member to produce measurable and sustainable upside. Partners make it happen.

Join the Hotlink Expert, Member or Partner Network - Join the global mission to Make B2B Digital. Get hyper-connected for hyper-performance.

Got questions for us? - please drop us a line at or WhatsApp us at +91.90777.80777.