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Crucial to align all subscribers on the platform; and to continually build and update the clarity of an ever evolving platform and its tri-network ecosystem. Documentation is structured into help, policies and master agreement.
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All On The Same Page, Always!

Correct, complete and current documentation is extremely critical to achieve alignment amongst multiple subscribers in the platform ecosystem. Moreover with multiple parties involved in any chain of activities, efficiency gains from automation will be compromised if we are unable to build alignment in actions across the chain. This needs consistent clarity and common orientation.

Clarity Plus Maximization - We acknowledge the importance of documentation in sharing intensive insights about features and functionalities; the extensive experience invested from design to deployment of the platform; and blending it with diverse business contexts. Documentation improves utilization and realization of benefits of WONEX services and solutions. Solid understanding stemming from the advice and insights in the materials contained in such documentation may substantially enhance user' ability to successfully utilize the service or to enjoy the power and potential of the service.

Mutual Respect & Cooperation - Being a multiparty platform, we urge all parties/ subscribers to honor and conform to applicable documentation to maintain discipline in actions and inactions required for the smooth operations and efficiency of the platform ecosystem. Everyone shall cooperate and collaborate to build and maintain alignment of expectations and actions in the interest of their own business and/or to fulfil their obligations towards other subscribers.

Available Online - The latest versions of all documentation are made available online - and as may be amended from time to time. It includes, but not limited to, help, policies and the master agreement - which may include frameworks, guidelines, procedures, help, tips and rules, describing features and functionalities, reference resources, blog-posts, reports and more.

Selective Access - We may provide only selective access to certain documentation due to sensitivity, propriety, confidentiality, competitive or other reasons. If you encounter such instances of restricted access, you may request for the same by contacting us. We may entertain such requests based on our obligations stated in our service contracts. Normally, the general users or indirect subscribers may be provided with limited-access-only.

Documentation By WONEX

WONEX platform is easy-to-setup with simple self-guided steps and uploads. From making the implementation blueprint to mobilising resources for the same to handholding rollout to be transaction ready; we provide support in building sustained capability throughout the digital transformation.

Help - Help includes documentation for online self-reference aimed at supporting users understand the functionalities and workflows on the platform and to learn the steps for use of the platform. The help is made available on and as may be amended/updated by us from time to time.

Help documentation represents the 'as-is' state of the platform and may be updated from time to time. It may also include developer guides, getting started guides, user guides, quick reference guides, support guidelines and other technical and operations manuals and specifications for the platform and the services.

WONEX team creates and maintains Help documentation for select areas of the services. For the sake of preciseness and simplicity, we may choose to skip areas that are self-explanatory.

We document Help in English language only. You shall be responsible for translation into any other alternate regional or local language as may be needed by your users or any of your mapped subscribers.

Help may be updated from time to time. We do all reasonable efforts to keep every part of the Help documentation updated at all times. While we do so, there may be a delay in updating some areas which may have been changed owing to a new release. You acknowledge, understand and agree that in the voluminous documentation like this, such delays may occur. And you hold us harmless on any impact of such delays on your business, enterprise and user experience.

Suggested processes, workflows, best practice and new feature guidance may be embedded in the help section alongside links to our own or third party websites. In our documentation, we provide best practice recommendations to improve performance and efficiency. We make recommendations on how new features, functionalities and platform offerings may fit your use case. Although the platform may have processes and workflows that may suggest a way of doing business, the design of the same is not recommending a specific way over the other. You are responsible for your business and the choice of its processes.

Policies - We document and publish policies as are needed for fair and efficient deployment of the tri-network ecosystem on the common cloud platform. The policies are made available on and as may be amended/updated by us from time to time.

Master Agreement - Master Agreement governs the access to and use of the services on the WONEX platfom. The Master Agreement is made available on and as may be amended/updated by us from time to time.

Documentation By Subscribers

WONEX Subscribers (Members, Partners & Experts) may publish documentation for variety of business aspects to lay down the ground rules that are specific to their business context and operational needs.

Being a network or networks design, every network has its own unique design, policies and rules. Hence, every subscriber may publish their established policies and procedures for use within their trade networks in the context of the services used on the common cloud platform they deem necessary for the optimal performance of their business and trade networks. The secure CMS on WONEX allows every account to leverage real-time online publishing to share the most current version of documentation on a selective basis; as is suitable for their business context and needs.

Every such document shall specify the purpose and applicability. Subscriber documentation may mainly be used to align traders with each other. For such documentation to be deemed to be an integral part of their multiparty understanding the subscribers may need to execute relevant agreements on their own. Subscribers may add or edit documentation within their own networks to accommodate business-specific scenarios/ needs and for better inter-party coordination, compliance, alignment and efficiency.

Access to subscriber documentation is defined and controlled by them on their own. They monitor such access, review it from time to time and ensure that the access rights at any time are only provided to users on a need to know basis.

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