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Free Plan

Directory, Contracts & Order-Only

Business Directory Listing

Discovery Access to Digital Events for sourcing & more (buyer access to expo events)

Map Sourcing Networks (including international suppliers)

One-to-One Digital Contracts (only buy-side)

Electronic Ordering

Free Plan Entitlements

1 User Only

1 Picture for Account Logo

Premium Plan

Pay-for-use transaction processing charges with a throughput-based trade fee :: The time-based user fee fully offsets into equal trade credits for reuse in the trade fee (similar to prepaid balance with rolling validity).

User Fee

1000 800
INR / user / month

Billed annually. GST extra as applicable.

User Entitlements

2500 Content Elements

500 Products

1 Exhibitor Access for Listing Products in Digital Events

Charged Extra for every Site/ Intranet, Profiler, Ticketing Tracker, Published Story, Content Track, Private Collection Organizer

Offset User Fee

Equal Value Reuse of User Fee into Trade Fee
Full Offset of User Fee into Evergreen Trade Credits - Makes it truly pay-for-use with no minimum trade commitments

Trade Fee

of Selling
of Buying

NOTE: Trade fee is for transaction processing - we do not charge for facilitation of trade. Non-revenue supplies not billable; free stock transfers, consignment and asset rotation.

Premium User Features (everything from Free plus following)


Secure CMS (Content Management System)

Smart Intranets (Team-Sites and Secure Sharing Portals)

Profiler (Social Profiling to Co-Create Context with Team Narrative)




Sales Forecasting

Sales Force Automation (with performance dashboards)

Service (After-Sales Management with Installed Base Tracking, Warranty, AMC, Repairs)

Assets Management (custody tracking, scheduling and transfers)


Map Multilevel Distribution Networks & Allocations (including international) & Map Direct Customer Networks

End-to-End Data Visibility (Real-time Access to Channel Data & Multilevel Traceability)

Brand Setup, Central Item Master Management & Product Page Publishing

Commercial (Multi-currency Pricing, Discounts, Taxation Rules), One-to-One Digital Contracts (sell-side & buy-side) & Cloud Commerce (Order-to-Cash & Procure-to-Pay)

Inventory, Stock Transfers & Consignment

Reconciled Ledgers & Taxes (with GST Returns Data, AP/AR Management)

Exhibitor Access for Product Marketing in Online Expo (Brand Page, Business Page, Product Listing)

Run Sponsored Content Marketing in Online Expo Events

Private Collection Organizer - Personalized Products Portfolio (Custom Classification for Buy-side or Sell-side Multi-brand Collections)

* Extra charges may apply for some entitlements needed to leverage features listed above

MSME Subsidy

Up to 90% reduction in trade fee rates and up to 50% reduction in user fee.


Promotes inclusion for micro, small and medium enterprises - makes it affordable for all businesses to subscribe and leverage the same advanced digital tools as larger enterprises; and enable end-to-end integration and interoperability.
Max up to
of User Fee

Max up to
of Trade Fee

Got a large sales team?

Talk to us to get a user fee quote.

Other Charges

Many Charges are Linked to your User Fee - This is done with the view to offer a proportionate pricing of all charges based on the user fee applicable to your account. This makes it both fair and simple also in case of MSME Subsidy to become automatically applicable on such charges also.
Selective Eligibility for Offset for Equal Reuse as Trade Credits - Like the user fee, most of the charges are also eligible for equal offset as trade fee with some exceptions like content and user support, content tracks etc. Such eligibilities are specified below with the respective charges.

Portfolio Organizer

Linked to Your User Fee (Hence MSME Subsidy Benefits Automatically Apply)
INR / month (equal to your 1 extra user)

Billed annually. GST extra as applicable.

Organize Private Collections of brands and products around custom item classification as per your unique business needs.

Eligible for offset for equal value reuse into Trade Credits

Secure Content Site

Linked to Your User Fee (Hence MSME Subsidy Benefits Automatically Apply)
INR / month (your user fee less 80%)

Billed annually. GST extra as applicable.

Intranet site with custom menu to build content collections for secure sharing.

Eligible for offset for equal value reuse into Trade Credits


Linked to Your User Fee (Hence MSME Subsidy Benefits Automatically Apply)
INR / month (your user fee less 60%)

Billed annually. GST extra as applicable.

Social profiling application with multipurpose use-cases across teams and business functions.

Eligible for offset for equal value reuse into Trade Credits

Ticketing Tracker

Linked to Your User Fee (Hence MSME Subsidy Benefits Automatically Apply)
INR / month (your user fee less 80%)

Billed annually. GST extra as applicable.

Get things done with streamlined task allocation and monitoring - useful in various scenarios like service request management.

Eligible for offset for equal value reuse into Trade Credits

Content & User Support

Prorated - min 10mins; per minute thereafter
INR / man-hour

GST extra as applicable.

Content setup, upload, mapping and page creation for product listing, intranets, promotions, rollout, account setup, mapping, functionality, problem solving and more.

Highly economical service considering that you get it on-demand with no commitment for monthly retainers.

NOT Eligible for offset into Trade Credits

Scope-Based Support

Data Analysis; User Training; Roll-out Roadmap and Many More
INR / man-hour

GST extra as applicable.

Consolidation of daily data reports into periodic numbers; analysis of periodic data; and more. Custom engagement tailored to meet unique business needs - requests handled case-by-case.

Access to online learning material is available at no cost; user training sessions are charged only when specifically demanded; sessions done remotely using Zoom calls (involves no travel)

NOT Eligible for offset into Trade Credits

Content Track

Promotional/ Commercial Use
Non-profit/ Non-commercial Use
INR / month

Billed annually. GST extra as applicable.

Sponsored content marketing track - works like a periodical with a custom selected brand

Content support charged extra on actual time basis

NOT Eligible for offset into Trade Credits

Content Story

Promotional/ Commercial Use
Non-profit/ Non-commercial Use
INR / story

Billed per story. GST extra as applicable.

Sponsored content marketing story - marcom instance for impactful outreach to the delegates and sector audience

Content support charged extra on actual time basis

NOT Eligible for offset into Trade Credits


Promotional/ Commercial Use
Spot Rates
Non-profit/ Non-commercial Use
Spot Rates
INR / spot

Billed per unit. GST extra as applicable.

Promote your content into spotlight with banners, featured listings, popular stories and other marketing spots that are available on an evolving basis

Spot rates are in addition to content support, content track and content story

NOT Eligible for offset into Trade Credits

Account Reactivation

INR / account

GST extra as applicable.

In the event the account is suspended for any reason (including but not limited to non-payment of overdue over 30 days), reactivation charges apply in addition to overdue balance and late payment charges

NOT Eligible for offset into Trade Credits

Late Payment Charges

INR / day of delay / 100,000

GST extra as applicable.

Payments are done using prepaid on-account balance - overdue accounts attract late payment charges. Overdue amount roundup to the next 100,000.

NOT Eligible for offset into Trade Credits

Change Processing

INR / instance

GST extra as applicable.

Administration of any changes to billing plans or engagement

NOT Eligible for offset into Trade Credits




Key Terms


  • Billings in advance on pre-paid basis.
  • All billings are non-refundable.
  • Plus applicable taxes at time of billing.
  • Out-of-pocket are charged on actual basis.
  • Annual billing cycle can be aligned to the financial year of your company or to any date as per your choice.
  • Partial periods are pro-rated.


  • Account becomes dormant if not paid within 30 days. Reactivation fee applies thereafter.
  • Daily late payment fee applies for days for which the account is overdrawn or dormant.
  • Scope based fee for other services like implementation support, integration with ERP or other IT-systems, customization etc.


  • Master Agreement applies as is available on; and as is updated from time to time


  • To avail MSME Subsidy, apply in the prescribed format as per steps defined and updated from time to time
  • At any time, you may be required to submit supporting documents for the revenue certified by you to avail MSME Subsidy


  • Any action or inaction deemed to workaround or overload the intended use will be immediately prohibited without recourse. Solely and unconditionally at the discretion of the company management without obligation to provide reasons.
  • To prevent misuse of the platform and any attempted evasion of trade fee, we periodically monitor all types of transactions processed on the platform and add amounts exceeding fair usage limits to billable trade.
  • Fair usage transaction limits are defined and updated from time to time at the sole discretion of the company management and apply to all accounts on the platform. While we keep liberal limits to accommodate real business scenarios, the fair usage policy does not penalize anyone playing by the rules. Hence an overall cap applies at audited trade numbers (sales and purchases for the period). None of the amounts even exceeding the limits are considered billable above 100% of audited trade volumes of sales and purchases respectively.
  • As per current transaction processing guidelines billable trade is computed as follows:

    SELL-SIDE: Executed Sales (ES) plus:

    • Orders above 120% of ES
    • Returns above 3% of ES
    • Transfers above 300% of ES

    BUY-SIDE: Executed Purchases (EP) plus:

    • Orders above 120% of EP
    • Returns above 3% of EP
    • Transfers above 300% of EP

    Note: Value of transfers includes executed transfers (both ways inbound and outbound ie returns added) plus transfer orders above 120% of executed transfers respectively

  • Likewise fair usage policy and prudent accounting practices limits the rollover of evergreen trade credits to a maximum of 10 years - which allows an extended long-term period for pay-for-use entitlement
  • We reserve unconditional rights to limit account entitlements (even without providing reasons) if any form of misuse is suspected. This may limit the number of trade-links that can be mapped, number of brands created, or any other account limits.
Open new avenues to drive business forward.

Credits System

Buy Account Credits

  • These are general credits which can be used to settle any fee or charges; or to gift to other accounts
  • Account credits equal the amount received from you in our bank net of any taxes and bank charges
  • Ensure that adequate prepaid balance of account credits is maintained at all times as per projected usage

Utilise Account Credits

  • Settle user fee, other charges and trade fee
  • Use to gift credits (only account credits can be gifted - trade credits are non-transferable) - gift processing done as per specified process

Earn Offset Trade Credits

  • Equal value of eligible fee and charges are added to Trade Credits balance
  • Only used to settle trade fee
  • Rolling validity until account remains in paid-active state - lapse if account is deactivated, suspended, overdue, overdrawn or any other state

Redeem Trade Credits

  • Trade credits whenever available are used to settle trade fee before more account credits are utilized to settle trade fee

Earned Credits

  • From time to time, referral and promotional bonus credits are added based on then available schemes
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