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Content Marketing & Connected Commerce for Smarter Sales, Distribution & Sourcing Networks

Orchestrate multiparty networks on Hotlink to unlock faster growth and higher profitability.

What We Do

Hotlink is the Cloud Trade Center - enabling Content Marketing & Connected Commerce for Smarter Sales, Distribution & Sourcing Networks.

Content Marketing

The Hotlink platform hosts many sector, product and marketing portals; offering a launchpad for discovery, outreach and collaboration. Secure portals extend the power of physical events to an online, virtual, always-available environment for tapping into a global audience. This opens multiple avenues to discover new business connections, enter new markets, extend market coverage, and coordinate business networks. Exhibition opportunities provide round-the-year round-the-clock product showcase and market outreach for high-impact brand visibility, new product launches and demo- streaming. Periodically refreshed content offers a reader-friendly discipline with an engaging format to know what’s happening - opening great leverages for influencer marketing, brand promotion, product launches, and industry insights.

Overlap: Personalization

The Hotlink platform allows you to set up private collections around custom-defined classifications -- tailor-fit to unique business context for each organization. Hotlink offers the much needed secrecy, personalization and neutrality for B2B trade across commercial operations with custom pricing and one-to-one contracts.

Connected Commerce

The Hotlink platform integrates trade networks to reshape the go-to-market approach for the next normal with remote sales and turbocharged digital channels for commercial excellence. It streamlines buy-sell processes for enhanced customer experience, sales productivity, business agility and supply assurance -- with real-time end-to-end channel data visibility for fact-based planning, monitoring and decision-making. Advanced tracking of inventory and consignment is enabled across multilevel chains and non-linear networks for traceability by every unique serial number level and by ownership. Live dashboards multiply sales productivity to deliver double or triple or even higher active selling time.

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