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What is Hotlink?

Hotlink is a multiparty alignment solution that enables seamless business, connected intelligence and meaningful engagement. We operate a global content, products and trade platform that aligns everyone around unified data and processes across the customer journey and product lifecycle.

What does Hotlink do?
Link and sync everyone to improve the ease of doing business. Get people, products, brands and companies hyper-connected for hyper-performance.
Content & Product Portals

Hotlink Portals enable businesses and professionals to discover new connections, expand market reach, explore product options, spark new business, brand visibility and outreach, share latest thinking, showcase new launches and help shape broader consensus alongside dynamic marketing around digitized listing of brands and products; extending into personalized portfolios of unique product collections and one-to-one contacts. Flexibly designed layouts tailor portals to serve sectors, communities, brands or teams - with option to easily redesign and reconfigure it to evolve with changing needs and business context. Portal-in-portal (PIP) option allows many interconnected combinations with variety of access settings. Key solutions include:

  • Hotlink Series (Outreach, Engagement, Awareness, Brand Building)
  • Hotlink Sector Portals (Product Marketing, Options, Discovery, New Connections, New Business Leads)
  • Online Expo & Tradeshows
  • Multi-Brand Distribution Catalogs
  • Curated Buying Portfolios (Unique Product Collections)
  • Multipurpose Intranets & Extranets
Sales & B2B Automation

Hotlink Automation integrates and streamlines business networks (across customers, sales, distribution, service, sourcing and supply chain) for multiparty alignment to enhance experience, engagement, efficiency, agility, assurance and adaptability with multilevel data visibility for better fact-based decisions. Target is to derive multiple outcomes in commercial excellence ranging from sales, stock and staff productivity, distribution performance optimization, super CX (customer experience), stronger working capital management, increased rates of perfect orders and many more. Key solutions include:

  • Hotlink ISDN (Integrated Sales & Distribution Network)
  • Integrated SFA, CRM & CX
  • Integrated Distribution (Arms-Length DMS)
  • Integrated Procurement (Streamlined CX)
  • Multilevel Channel Data Visibility for Connected Intelligence (CI)
  • Track-n-Trace Stock & Assets
  • Integrated After Sales Service
  • Hotlink MBSA (Multi Brand Segment Automation)
Why Hotlink? Top 5 Distinctions
01. OPEN
Many-to-Many & Multi-Brand
Safety, Secrecy & Security with Non-threatening Inclusion
Multilevel Visibility & Track-n-Trace
Shared Data & Processes with Complete Interoperability
Plug-n-Play As-a-Service Cloud with One-to-Many Integration