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Link and sync everyone to improve the ease of doing business. Get people, products, brands and companies hyper-connected for hyper-performance.
We help our clients leverage the power of one unified platform to transform seamless synergies and collective intelligence into lasting strategic advantage.


Enable the shift from complexity to connectivity.
Get businesses closer and aligned to create more opportunities for growth and profitability. Fates of businesses are increasingly interlinked. Connectivity opens possibilities - It simplifies experiences, boosts agility, combines clean-data and sparks opportunities to accelerate growth.


Empower business ecosystems to thrive in the platform economy.
Businesses operate and compete as chains and networks - not as standalone companies. In an increasingly interconnected business world without boundaries, maximize business opportunities and outcomes through seamless synergies on one unified platform.

What is Hotlink?

Hotlink is the Cloud Trade Center - a diversified cloud ecosystem that enables businesses and professionals to connect, collaborate and coordinate effectively across multiparty business networks and multilevel supply-n-distribution chains, locally and globally.

Our values drive innovations that enable sustained progress and lasting improvements for everyone. Our work is a catalyst for higher growth, more opportunities and positive outcomes for our customers, distribution networks, global trade ecosystems and economies at large.

Our Customers

Addressing complexities across diverse interparty business scenarios for companies across many sectors.

Digital portals provide multiple avenues for marketers and professionals to showcase their products and capabilities in front of a global audience. Sector and market focus keep interactions contextual and makes information exchange impactful. We currently operate global portals across many sectors, covering trade networks across over 80 countries.

Integrated trade enables supply, distribution and procurement teams to build seamless, integrated trade networks. These networks in turn boost sales efficiency, streamline supply and distribution, bring in agility for applying new business innovations and provide real-time, multi-level data visibility for data-driven decision-making. Integrated trade is industry and sector-agnostic and can be used by a wide variety of businesses, regardless of their size.

MSME Inclusion

Businesses operate and compete as chains and networks (not as standalone companies) - Increasingly critical to orchestrate MSME trade partners regardless of their digital capabilities.

It is now imperative to align everyone in the trade network. Connect, collaborate and leverage collective capabilities and intelligence -- regardless of the digital capabilities of trading partners. Together everyone achieves more. An open, neutral and equal cloud; common shared multiparty platform - reliable and hassle-free platform offering wide-scale affordability and full-stack applications to overcome the digital divide.

We at Hotlink endeavor to enable inclusion of the smallest and remotest MSME to address the diversity challenges for businesses of different sizes to connect and work together to jointly deliver on customer commitments.

Our History

10 years of staying the course - committed and true to the mission of multiparty multilevel alignment.

The Cloud Trade Center has been built and nurtured over a period of 10 years. Having started as a multi-party supply and distribution management solution, the platform quickly graduated to a global, multi-location, multi-faceted integrated trade solution. Its core strengths in distributed inventory management, multi-party co-ordination, inter-party process synchronization and multi-level data visibility, allow it to be deployed for turnkey business scenarios covering supply and distribution management and inter-party automation workflows.

The platform also hosts sector and market-focussed digital marketing portals, that provide multiple avenues for businesses and professionals to discover, connect and transact with each other for mutual upside in a contextual, focussed setting.

Our Technology

Advanced yet simple and utilitarian. Continually extending and evolving with time to address more business needs and scenarios.

The Cloud Trade Center runs on fully open-source technologies, with Java being the primary technology. The platform is offered as a web-based solution for anytime anywhere access. The web frontend uses standard HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, while the server-side utilizes the Spring framework and associated technologies.

We focus on providing a stable, predictable experience to our customers, given that our platform is key to running their end-to-end business. We constantly evaluate and integrate innovative technology solutions that can enable businesses to achieve more by streamlining their sales, distributions, marketing and procurement processes.