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The Future is Connected.
Hotlink Your Business. Now!
Global Products & Trade Platform
1. List-n-find products and related content
2. Map products to private portfolios - personalized collections with custom classifications and auto-updating product information
3. Integrated trade for seamless sales and channel automation with multilevel visibility and many-to-many trade networks - make B2B digital for smarter sales, distribution and sourcing networks
Link and sync everyone on one unified platform. - Shift from consuming complexity to collaborative connectivity.
Make B2B digital. Get transactions and reporting out of emails and phone calls. Drive P&L impact, year-on-year. Cut costs and complexity. Save hundreds of man hours every year.
Simplify repetitive tasks to focus on more strategic activities, intelligence and analytics. Reduce recurring costs of commercial operations -- improve customer experience, responsiveness and loyalty -- by shifting from inherently error prone manual, paper-driven and cumbersome ways of trade to always connected ‘platform enabled performance’.