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Partners are the enabling force of the tri-network ecosystem of the World One Exchange. The mission to make B2B Digital is bolstered by combining strengths with leading Partners, that enhance business value and accelerate influence across global markets. Partners are integral to the mission as they translate opportunities into the business context of each member to produce measurable and sustainable upside. Partners make it happen.

WONEX Partners combine strengths to enable and fast-track the mission to make B2B Digital. They mobilise member networks and boost adoption; advice members to translate benefits of B2B digital tailored to their unique business context; and support members with rollout efforts, user handholding and integration with enterprise systems as needed.

Partners regularly engage with Experts to identify and create new opportunities for Members (and for themselves) as they exhibit and inspire new thinking. They gain member loyalty with scope of services more deep-rooted into day-to-day business operations and measurable results; also, as they leverage WONEX for ongoing service arrangements. Partners from diverse backgrounds join the mission - from individuals to small and large teams, across disciplines, nature of service and sector specializations - the Partner program has something for everyone.


Engagement Partner

Market & Develop

Mobilisers grow and manage expert, member and Partner networks. Boost adoption and open doors with referrals and relationships for new opportunities and reap rich rewards at minimum investment.

Engagement Partners may simply do a referral to earn a passive income by monetizing their network and connections. Alternatively they play a more active role beyond just recommending WONEX.


Solution Partner

Service & Extend

Embedded Solution Partner - provide solutions to members around WONEX offerings and products.

Extended Solution Partner - In addition to providing solutions around WONEX offerings and products, integrate other offerings to create combined solutions that deliver even more amazing outcomes for customers.


Alliance Partner

Complement & Cooperate

promote common interests, advance overlapping agendas/goals or leverage engagement of common target audience; or a joint action or more.

Complement your objectives and/or offerings with any of the WONEX products and services to achieve more together.

Why become a Partner?


Joint-GTM and broader context to sell more faster (gain incremental agreements)

Unified intelligent trade and supply networks and underlying digital transformation opens many opportunities across business functions. With easy and cost-effective rollout, the decision to start is also simplified. As you club your offerings with these added benefits and latest innovations, you make a compelling case to win assignments.


Get enabled to deliver outcomes (suggestive reports vs measurable results)

Clients are increasingly looking for holistic solutions instead of recommendations. With uncertainty of implementation, as some say, suggestions in reports are merely wishful ideas. With WONEX, you augment technology into your delivery capabilities to hit the road running and make lasting improvements in client’s business. Even small teams deliver high impact.


Thought leadership positioning (showcase sector/market expertise)

Brands on the common cloud chain offer a unique platform for you to exhibit your expertise. We value deep hands-on experience in sectors and markets - we enable you to lead; and be the face of transformation of the ecosystem under the ambit of your expertise.


Annuity earning opportunities with operational involvement in outcome based delivery

WONEX membership is an annual subscription. As a Partner, every member subscription attached to you is eligible for subscription renewal revenue annually. This provides you with an excellent opportunity to engage more deeply with your customers on a periodic basis and develop an annuity revenue stream.


Live anchor and lock-in for client engagement (integral insider of the client-business)

Most service engagements are time-bound projects that alternate with repeat business development efforts - a cycle of hot and cold in client relationships - keeping you as an outsider from the deep business context. Flip it with the perpetual engagement of the live WONEX platform - enables you to become an insider. Also, locks-in your involvement into the client business. WONEX creates leverages that give you consistent ways of building a productive relationship with your current and potential clients.


Latest thinking and technology with mission driven networks are a great business leverage

You leverage our platform-based services to augment your market offerings without any product liability. There are various avenues to Partner and we welcome all of them. We remain open to ideas on how we can work with others where the combined offerings can further enhance the value delivered to the members - even if this extends beyond our core scope.

Who becomes a Partner?

Diverse Inclusion - We work with Partners from diverse backgrounds and skillsets who leverage different products and applications on WONEX. Through a comprehensive Partner engagement program, our ecosystem comprises a broad spectrum of Partners with varying levels of engagement. This gives Partners the flexibility to engage with WONEX in the manner that works best for their organization, while giving end customers both choice and peace of mind when realizing the mission to make B2B Digital.
Teams of all sizes - From individual consultants to small teams to firms with hundreds and thousands of employees, WONEX Partner program has something for everyone. Our years of innovation has a diverse set of applications for most product sectors, opening opportunities for Partners to fit-to-context for a win-win-win for Member-Partner-WONEX.

Strategy & Management Consultants

Manage your relationship with your customer while benefitting from the innovative technology and cost effectiveness of WONEX solutions. make your services outcome-based without any product liability of the advanced technology platform.


CA/CPA Firms & Tax Practitioners

Expand the scope of services to deliver higher value-added services to your clients and let WONEX manage the underlying technology. Streamline processes and data controls to make it audit and compliance friendly.


Professional Services Firms

Switch from delivering advice and recommendations (business reports) to measurable outcomes (business results). Avail opportunities for engagements with extended scope involving transformation, training and ongoing retainers.


Software Resellers

Collaborate to increase ROI and extend sales enablement while offering more holistic suite of solutions to your clients.


IT Consultants

Advise business leaders and deploy solutions that address the most critical business issues. Focus on adding higher strategic business value and bringing advanced solutions to your cients.


System Integrators

WONEX offers APIs to integrate with legacy enterprise systems. With us, you build solutions that transform the business to become enabled with multi-enterprise capabilities.


Independent Software Companies

Collaborate to add higher strategic business value and bring combined solutions to the customers. Create mutual leverages with more holistic solutions that build a more compelling propositions for customers.


Business Process Services

Enable your services and enhance outsourcing scope with our advanced cloud technologies.


Accounting Services

Manage many clients remotely as you migrate their transaction processing to the cloud.


Website Developers

Leverage enterprise-grade security for intranets across varied use cases. With our easy to use CMS with advanced level fnctionalities is a boon for extended scope of work on secure sites across organizations.


Content Developers

Upsell your content skills to deliver managed sites and intranets - with no-tech-skills needed as you use our simlified content management system. makes it a superior package when your work is holistically delivered in published form.


Market Entry Services

Leverage our platform to augment your market entry efforts and setup an operational model alongside the entry pathway. Discover distribution Partners faster and align to win.

Become a WONEX Partner - Join the global community of Partners who thrive by positioning the mission to make B2B Digital as the inevitable disruption.

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