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Notesroom for Business


Makes working together delightful. ABC Advantage ensures that there is one version available on self service to get everyone on the same page. Protect privacy and cultivate digital assets for repeated leverage.

Business-critical information needs secure sites to effectively manage, share and reuse. The competitive advantage demands dynamically leveraging information on a day-to-day basis. Sharing info is unavoidable. Secure sharing becomes imperative as not everything can be shared with everyone.

Notesroom is used by businesses across size, nature, industry and location – both for-profit and non-profit. Notesroom delivers the ABC Advantage. Align to one common language. Boost with more mindfulness. Collaborate for better teamwork.

A - Align [One Version]

A - Align [One Version]

Make everyone see apples as apples. Notesroom communicates the original truth and makes it the truth for all. Without any distortion.

There has to be one version – one organizational truth. There may be many different views and opinions before a decision is taken or something is defined, but once decided there ought to be one version of the truth for all. It supports a Process Driven Approach, clearly articulates Standard Operating Procedures, and one set of Updated Policies.

You communicate better externally through Customer/Dealer/Vendor Portals; and internally through Employee & Staff Manual and departmental portals with Job Description & KPIs. Simple things like clear understanding of organization structure and changes to the same avoid ambiguities and murmurs. Digital Bulletin Boards establish one voice in addition to the common language.

Summary of thoughts for you to align using secure sites:

  • Process Driven Approach
  • Policies & Procedures
  • Customer/Dealer/Vendor Portals
  • Employee & Staff Manual
  • Job Description & KPIs
  • Organization Structure
  • Digital Bulletin Boards

B - Boost [Self Service]

B - Boost [Self Service]

Whoever needs whatever, anytime anywhere, instead of waiting for assistance from someone else – they simply get it 24-by-7 in the respective site on notesroom.

Good information available on self-service can boost your business in many ways. As Bill Gates said "The vision is really about empowering workers giving them all the information about what’s going on so they can do a lot more than they’ve done in the past". With notesroom you drive Culture, Clarity & Transparency – in new times open door is about information equality. Boost People Development & Recognition with training portals for self-learning and online hubs to celebrate individual and team achievements with a lasting impression to cherish and inspire.

Smoothen new joiners induction and enhance Workforce Productivity with self-service reference material on one side and by reducing Issue Resolution Time for both internal and external queries. When customers find what they need on a self-service basis in an organized manner, they reflect back with increased confidence. Customer portals are a great means for cross sell, upsell and for creating the buzz for new launches. Many other innovative formats of information create Competitive Advantage & Revenue Growth. For instance the Leverage from Testimonials is often lost in the moment as it is not captured and shared – more than external sharing, this is a great means of motivation and a strong trigger for an electronic word of mouth that delivers results. Listing of such testimonials over time reflects on the true strength of the business.

Summary of thoughts for you to boost using secure sites:

  • Culture, Clarity & Transparency
  • People Development & Recognition
  • New Joiners Induction
  • Workforce Productivity
  • Reduce Issue Resolution Time
  • Customer Confidence & Revenue
  • Leverage from Testimonials

C - Collaborate [Same Page]

C - Collaborate [Same Page]

Whether it is a team of 2, 20, 200 or 2000, it is always better if everyone has the same information. Notesroom helps you achieve that.

Business is not a solo sport. We work together in a TEAM as Together everyone achieves more. Team members should complete each other instead of competing with each other. To do so requires minds to meet. Collaboration needs coordination to bring everyone on to the same page. Active information is the most effective tool for this. First get the basics setup like directory to find and connect; and get people across multiple locations to get linked. Consensus is based on rational thinking if the same information is available to everyone. Since the pool of information is dynamic, Digital Whiteboards provide means to evolve team thinking on Open Agendas – it could be to build on new ideas or to deal with existing business challenges. Traditionally we use email to circulate MIS, Analytics, Minutes of Meetings and the likes – the new normal is to upgrade to a central pool of leaders notesroom. Communication is also used to Serve the Best Customers even better with customized knowledge and training tools or more. Same may extend to how we improve Channel and Vendor Performance. High time that we step away from the myths of shooting emails where “cc means keeping you informed” and “reply to all equals teamwork”. It is so much better when everyone is on the same page – collective energies are then focused on common business goals.

Summary of thoughts for you to collaborate using secure sites:

  • Coordination & Consensus
  • Directory to Find and Connect
  • Multi-location Sync
  • Digital Whiteboards for Open Agendas
  • MIS, Analytics, Minutes of Meetings
  • Serve Your Best Customers Even Better
  • Improve Channel/Vendor Performance



In business and organizational context, information is the thread that weaves people, process, strategy and technology into a fabric of competitive advantage and growth. People may transition but information is the common lifeline that runs the organization. The way we study history not to repeat it - Similarly what works and what doesn’t is captured in the processes and strategies. Repeated tasks are then automated and enabled through technology. All this runs and refines through the central anchor of information.

So the ABC Advantage ensures that there is one version available on self service to get everyone on the same page. It is a great means to multiply engagement, productivity and satisfaction to increase involvement, to get more done and to deliver a great experience.

Last edited: June 11, 2014