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Notesroom for Associations


Indulges your members with a world-class appeal. Modernize and multiply member engagement. Protect privacy and cultivate digital assets for repeated leverage.

Notesroom enables secure sites for associations to indulge their members with a world-class appeal. Modernize and multiply member engagement. Protect privacy and cultivate digital assets for repeated leverage.

Although lots of information is privately exchanged across member networks on a day-to-day basis; most associations, societies, clubs and other networks/groups do not leverage digital technologies at all or only deploy fairly primitive tools. If they do not step-up the game, they will fail to cater to the rising member expectations of on-demand information anytime anywhere. Lack of technology capabilities and orientation are no longer an acceptable excuse - causing erosion of member engagement and experience levels; hence diluting the overall purpose. Also sensitivity on information privacy poses a dilemma on how to discreetly share information without compromising the competitive advantage. Moreover live digital connect and private communication channels open opportunities to modernize and multiply member engagement to a whole new level. Notesroom offers means to overcome these barriers with a simple, hassle-free and cost-effective cloud platform with cutting-edge innovations for private information sharing. Secure sites, while protecting information privacy, modernize and multiply member engagement; and promote associations to cultivate digital assets which are then available for repeated leverage.

With notesroom, transform your members network into a vibrant community through real-time private streaming of information. Keeping everyone in the loop becomes an easy reality. You democratize live updates to foster higher involvement and equal inclusion. Digital assets that you cultivate on notesroom are not only secure and scalable but also smart and agile - to activate possibilities and wider participation through members-only resources like library, newsroom, network promotions/offers and more. Top it with a sleek design for a seamless user experience and world class appeal - it elevates member engagement to member delight.

Transform Members Network into a Vibrant Community

The ?always on? nature of notesroom shifts your member-connect from passive to active. With over-packed routines and hectic lifestyles, convenience is increasingly becoming the crucial factor for sustained member engagement. Besides convenience, online means for private information sharing makes streaming more regular. These small but regular points of engagement make for the difference between an active community and a passive network. Daily updates on members-only-portals encourage participation in activities, initiatives, causes, discussions etc. For instance, a professional industry association may invite comments on the effects of an applicable regulatory update or a technology innovation in their domain or a new product launched or a proposed policy change. The culture of open inclusion also makes every member feel empowered.

Extended digital resources engage members with relevant and timely information. Additionally, it also inspires participation by keeping the updates fairly current. Even something as basic as a Members directory can be a great addition to enthuse networking amongst members ? listing may be made optional to ensure profile privacy for every member. Also, given the scale, speed and economics of digital content and communication, start series like profile watch or a member of the week or know our members - with an overview of a member or two at a periodic basis. Many such ideas take real shape with notesroom.

Notesroom [Always On] Upside:

  • Engage with anytime anywhere convenience
  • Widen the scope with the scale and speed of online posts
  • Dynamically shift the home story to keep it current and relevant
  • Post comments received from members to make it interactive
  • Easy connect for networking with Members directory and profiling

Digital Newsletters & Regular Broadcasts

Small but regular updates are better than large chunks of periodic information. Print newsletters reaching by post are generally not in-hand right when one has time on-hand. Hence the impact of that communication, and the related publishing effort and cost, falls far short of its real potential. As user behaviors have graduated towards on-demand information, newsletters have to get digital.

Alongside this change, the digital canvas is also being creatively exploited to deliver information in a more granular and gradual way. With emails updates carrying links to the key posts, members now can login at their own convenience and access a host of content. With notesroom, you can dynamically curate information with new and recycled posts to provoke interest of your members. This also extends more opportunities for faculty members, authors and other opinion leaders to participate in a new framework of publishing under an all new digital strategy with notesroom.

Notesroom [Always On] Upside:

  • Mini-website for every newsletter with no page limit
  • Active posts in a members-only-portal: Engage with regular updates
  • Post regularly at a much a higher frequency than printed-periodicals
  • Complement online posts with print
  • Creatively use the scalability of digital publishing space
  • Recycle posts whenever contextually appropriate
  • Offer opportunity to more writers and encourage participation
  • Sync email updates with links for select posts to provoke interest

Member Services, Benefits & Administration

From the day of joining starts a lifelong journey of a member in the association, society, club or network. Member engagement is driven by a clearly defined understanding of the scope of member services and accordingly aligned expectations of the member. For instance, in a professional association, the influence of a scientific industry body can be instrumental in many spheres of professional life of the member. Discord may arise when services delivered do not match the expectations.

Administrative matters may consume a lot of staff time and cause unwanted confusion. Most of this can be avoided by directing members to organized information and FAQs hosted in the member portal. Unless the public website already hosts, member portal may also include information like structure, office bearers (both present and past), members? charter, election by-laws, code of conduct etc. Besides the permanent information, a lot of situational/temporary information needs regular updates ? and associations struggle with dependence on external technology agencies/consultants for the same. With notesroom, this is as simple as adding a note and linking it at the appropriate place in the site.

Notesroom also extend this into separate secure sites only for office bearers. Organize the adopted version of the minutes of meetings of the board/council for easy reference and secure storage ? the same may also be privately communicated to all members if the charter so demands for transparency and inclusion.

Notesroom [Always On] Upside:

  • Permanent membership information in one place
  • Improve staff productivity by reducing recurring administrative queries and FAQs
  • Clarity with one version of the facts
  • Member confidence with transparent information
  • Situational/temporary updates, schedule changes etc.
  • Minutes of meetings with council/board resolutions

Online Library, Education, Events & Publications

For professional associations, industry bodies and other similar sector/professional societies, domain knowledge and insights form the nucleus of their respective members? network. Despite the right intent and purpose, these bodies fail to widen and deepen their impact given their inability to imbibe capabilities for socializing their information on a real-time basis with members across levels and locations. Notesroom removes this barrier and offers means to channel the idle and floating content into a powerful knowledge bank. Every next instance, the knowledge is captured and added into the information reserves ? instead of losing it under the layers in the mailbox or in a session at an isolated event.

Continuing education resources need to be structured into a framework that facilitates lifelong learning. Associations in information intensive domains must continuously build their digital assets to put their knowledge to work. From basic to advanced to master level content, digital educational resources can extend the scope of your association beyond just events and periodicals. Also with higher convenience of on-demand information it enhances member participation to leverage self-paced learning resources.

Events are few and far ? not all members attend all events. Capture information exchanged in your events like talks, papers, videos etc. on notesroom to extend the benefit to all members. From one event to another, the updates and insights shared with the network will meaningfully contribute to your overall purpose. This will also further strengthen your digital knowledge reserves.

The professional associations closely working with industry players also build interconnected sites. Collate reference resources from all industry players in one place for ease of use by members. This also ensures that all information is contextually organized to ensure completeness and aids members in better decision support at point of need and time of need.

The scalability of digital resources allows you to focus your portals by segment/specialization. Invite further engagement from a wider set of faculty and members to contribute. Segments/specialties may run their own sites/sections providing adequate focus on every aspect of professional knowledge/experience.

Practice management resources and tools may be collated in one place for overall development and productivity of the members. Cover all possible formats of professional life - say for example for a medical professional this may include clinic-owners to hospital-owners to hospital-attachments to full-time contracts to other contract engagements. Building efficiency in professional life will be much appreciated.

Good practices database is a great asset for industry bodies to show the paths for improvement and guide members towards higher levels of advancement and efficiency. You may simply make a collage of variety of online resources instead of developing content from scratch ? depends entirely on your larger purpose. Leveraging information from across the world is a great means of achieving more and faster for your members.

Notesroom [Always On] Upside:

  • Knowledge bank, segment/specialty resources
  • Online education and self-paced learning modules
  • Practice management and self-development resources
  • Conference lecture videos/white papers
  • Faculty development and faculty resources
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Market research
  • Useful links to relevant online resources
  • Download center
  • New resources, new technologies, legislative updates
  • Idea/case of the week, latest/case discussions, case registry

Boost Your Brand Appeal and Sense of Belonging

In the digital age, no one can ignore the impact of your web presence and online avatar on your overall brand. The impressions from the online experience and interfaces govern the brand perception of the members. Keeping pace with the developments in online arena has become a strategic imperative for the associations. Notesroom helps you echo your brand visibility with a regular engagement with the members.

Value and value perception are both an integral part of member engagement. How the member experiences your organization shapes the level and trajectory of value perception. Notesroom offers a digital canvas with a world-class appeal ? one that is advanced yet simple; and offer you the flexibility to plot creative artwork and content for every page to present your theme and elements of your brand. With the new economy design, you can easily give your sites a fresh new look with your identity attributes.

Members-only sites differentiate privileges to generate exclusivity which directly translates into a sense of belonging. ?Keep me in the loop? as enumerated earlier makes a significant difference to every member. Every online interaction on secure sites on notesroom is a marketing of sorts for your association which continually improves the image and strengthens value perception in the eyes of every member. From small news to big developments, timely broadcast of messages goes a long way in building a culture of equal inclusion, high clarity and utmost transparency for a stronger sense of belonging.

Even for a member with a gap in engagement, the chronology of posts organized in one place gives them a means for an auto-catch-up. This ensures that members remain abreast and involved at all times as per their own convenience.

Notesroom [Always On] Upside:

  • Evolve from a transactional relationship to a sense of belonging
  • Digital networks offer equal opportunities for inclusion of every member in the overall members community
  • New age modular design to creatively blend your brand elements
  • Enhance the value perception of quality, niche, glamour, credibility and magnetism
  • Scalability of space allows posts from many more members to empower their voice while it is screened and published by the administrators
  • Chronology of posts in once place facilitates auto-catch-up for members returning after a gap in engagement

Member Recognition, Leaders Spotlight & Editorial

Digital wall of fame with its 24/7 live reach for members across levels and locations is more powerful than the isolated on-campus physical wall. Recognise and reward members for contributions to the purpose, profession, industry or the overall mission. Do not allow even a small contribution to go unrecognized. Encourage peers to recognize each other and exchange mutual goodwill. Run series of posts on notesroom like first in class by type and location or achievers club or know the greats or lead by example or excellence in what we do ? many such creative ways enthuses social recognition which stays there for a long time to cherish and inspire.

Empower elected leaders with a column on the secure site. Elected leaders, top officials, presidents, secretaries etc get a means to continuously communicate with the members with personalized posts at the desired frequency. While current leaders may report on the activities underway, the past presidents and leaders may be given a lifelong stream of communication for them to share their insights, vision and experience.

Beyond the leaders and officials, a wider set of members may be invited to write and share insights. The scalability of the digital platform on notesroom may be leveraged to accommodate and engage more members. This responds to the limitation of speaker slots at events.

Articles and information resources from external opinion leaders may also be invited to extend the editorial to the next level. This may complement the printed periodicals with far more economical and phased publishing routines. Releases in smaller batches compared to the content for a full periodical creates flexibility in planning the editorial workload. This can potentially improve the quality of the information published over time.

Notesroom [Always On] Upside:

  • Social recognition for achievements and contributions by members
  • Regular communication by leaders to report on activities, progress and plans
  • Empower voice of a wider set of members with editorial invites
  • Ex-leaders to continue to communicate with the network
  • Publish insights from invited guest and opinion leaders
  • Better economics, productivity and flexibility on publishing efforts

Members-Only Promotions, Offers & Group Deals

One of the leverages of any network is the collective buying power of its aggregated member-base. It is a potent means for a win-win for both members and merchants. There are two primary formats for the benefits to accrue. One is the promotional offers to members ? this is pretty much like corporate deals. Any individual member may avail the same at any time of their choice. Second one is a group deal where the offer is only valid on a consolidated demand. To reap the dividends from such group benefits requires a live means to communicate with the entire network and activate action in dimensions of both time and demand consolidation.

Be it individual deals or group deals, live listings are the only sustainable means to deliver the upside to every member. Listing is published on the members-only-portal and updated with new additions over time. Currently most of these are lost under the layers of emails in the mailbox ? and mostly fades out-of-sight out-of-mind. So value for both the member and the merchant is lost in the ineffective information connection. Notesroom helps you overcome this challenge. Also the live content updates by non-technical staff makes it easier to make dynamic updates to facilitate group deals.

This may also extend to cross-membership tie-ups with international associations/bodies. We also suggest exploring collaboration across multiple associations to leverage the benefits from a compounded aggregation of networks.

Promotions may also be a source of advertising revenue for the association. You may offer publishing based on a sponsorship fee only. Advertorials may also be on the list ? same as printed periodicals. Done well, this will earn multiple times of what you pay for the highly cost-effective charges for notesroom.

Notesroom [Always On] Upside:

  • Leverage collective buying power
  • Listing of individual and group deals for members
  • Facilitate group deals
  • Earn sponsorship revenue or promotional fee from merchants
  • List all tie-ups and leverages for members
Last edited: June 18, 2014