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Although users sign up in individual capacity, they participate in various activities on behalf of the legal entity they represent. The term legal entity may refer to any legally recognized group such as a company, a proprietorship, an association, an establishment, an institute, etc.

Legal entities are represented on the platform as Accounts. An account is the digital identity of the legal entity in the same manner that a user profile is the digital identity of an application user. Accounts take on users who have signed up and have active user profiles and then assign them access rights based on their role within the entity. This process enables the users to participate in activities relevant to their role within the account and allows the account to enforce segration of duties.

Account sign-up comprises of the following three stages.

a. Empanelment request

A user places a request to empanel (enroll/ set up) the account by providing basic account information such as name, registered address, contact phone number and email address, and identifying the user who is the authorized signatory (owner/ partner/ managing director/ CEO) for the account. The empanelment request is routed to the authorized signatory for review and approval.

An empanelment request can be placed by anyone on behalf of your account. The submitter can be your employee or a business associate.

b. Approval

The user identified as the authorized signatory reviews the account information to make sure that it is complete and accurate and approves the request. The purpose of this step is to ensure that the account agrees to being empaneled on the platform. The approval registers a legally-binding consent from the authorized signatory to proceed with the empanelment request, as well as a confirmation that the information is accurate and true. The empanelment request is then routed to us (the platform provider) for review.

c. Activation

We review the submitted information and reach out to the account for electronic copies of documents certifying the accuracy of the submitted information. We may also choose to verify the submitted information through other sources such as company websites and directory listings. Once we receive the information from the account and have ascertained the accuracy of the submitted information based on the documents received, we activate the account.

A. Before signing up

Each account needs to have an Authorized Signatory and an Administrator, at a bare minimum. The authorized signatory is a person who can enter into legally binding agreements with other legal entities on behalf of the entity they represent. Usually, this privilege is delegated to a Managing Director, a General Manager, a CEO, a Proprietor, an Owner or someone with legal authorization from the owner(s) or the board of directors for the legal entity.

The administrator is an operational role and is delegated to someone who will be responsible for day-to-day upkeep of the account and management of account users. Among many other things that an administrator is responsible for, the most frequent and important tasks are onboarding of other account users, setting up of appropriate access rights for each user, and deactivation of users who are no longer associated with the account.

In the case of a Sole Proprietorship, the authorized signatory and the administrator may be the same person. In all other cases, it is strongly recommended to assign these roles to two different people for proper delegation of responsibilities, as well as for efficient day-to-day working of the account.

Setting up of an account involves filling up a simple account empanelment form, providing legal information about the entity represented by the account. However, before filling up the form, the following pre-requisites must be checked and completed:

  1. The authorized signatory for the account has been identified and has signed up as a user. Please refer to the user sign-up process for details on individual user sign-up.
  2. The administrator for the account has been identified and has signed up as a user. Please refer to the user sign-up process for details on individual user sign-up.

B. Sign-up process

Start empanelment of your legal entity by accessing the Account Empanelment Form. Fill all the required information correctly. Use the video at the top of this page, or the detailed guide below to fill up the individual fields.

a. Legal name

Provide the legally registered name of the entity here. This must be provided exactly as it appears in the registration certificate (or an equivalent legal document) issued to the entity, such as, a Company Incorporation Certificate. If the entity is a sole proprietorship and has the same name as that of the proprietor, provide the proprietor's name as shown in an government-issued identity document.

Example: ACME Inc.

b. Inception/ incorporation date

Provide the date of registration/ incorporation for the entity as it appears in the registration certificate.

Example: January 1, 1990

c. Registered address

Provide the registered address for the entity as it appears in the registration certificate. Choose the country, province/ state and district/ county, and provide the town and post code carefully.

d. Work address

Provide the work address for the entity, in case different from the registered address. If the work address is the same as the registered address, choose the flag that allows the work and registered addresses to be the same. In case the entity has multiple work addresses, provide the primary work address (for example the corporate address).

Entities are allowed to provide only up to two addresses at the time of signing up. More addresses can be added once the account has been set up.

e. Contact details

Provide the primary phone number for contacting the entity. We will contact you for verifying the details provided at the time of sign up, so please provide a valid and working phone number here.

You may also fill up rest of the optional information, as suitable.

f. Authorized signatory and Administrator

Provide email address(es) of the user(s) who will be the Authorized signatory and Administrator respectively for the account. Please make sure that the users owning these email addresses are signed up and can sign in successfully.

Once all the information has been filled up, submit it for a request to be generated for creation of the entity account by clicking the Submit ( ) button on the page.

g. Legal contact

Provide email address of the person (or persons) who can be contacted for legal matters.

C. Common problems

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i. Authorized Signatory not registered, verified or active

The account sign up process will fail if the email address provided for the Authorized Signatory is not registered, verified or active on the platform.

Please check the email address provided and ensure that the Authorized Signatory can sign in successfully before attempting to request an account.

ii. Administrator not registered, verified or active

The account sign up process will also fail if the email address provided for the Administrator is not registered, verified or active on the platform.

Please check the email address provided and ensure that the Administrator can also sign in successfully before attempting to request an account.

iii. Account already set up

If an account with the provided name and registered or work address is already active on the platform, any new account sign up request with the same details will be declined. This is because accounts need to be unique on the platform since they represent a real-world legal entity. Same details would cause a duplicate and hence the decline.

Please make sure that you are not requesting setting up of an account more than once.

iv. Unable to authorize account

Only the user identified as the Authorized Signatory at the time of requesting account set up can authorize an account. Any other user attempting to authorize an account set up request will be denied access.

Please make sure that you are the Authorized Signatory for an account before attempting to authorize the account.

v. Account to authorize not found

If you see a message indicating that the account to authorize was not found, you have already authorized or declined the account set up request.

Please check your email to find the latest update on the account set up request.

D. Supported Markets

The list of markets we support is provided below. We keep adding more markets frequently, so please keep checking frequently if the market you are located in, is not available on the Account Empanelment page right now.

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  1. United States
  2. Canada
  1. Austria
  2. Belgium
  3. Bulgaria
  4. Cyprus
  5. Denmark
  6. Estonia
  7. Finland
  8. France
  9. Germany
  10. Greece
  11. Hungary
  12. Ireland
  13. Italy
  14. Lithuania
  15. Netherlands
  16. Norway
  17. Portugal
  18. Slovakia
  19. Spain
  20. Sweden
  21. Switzerland
  22. Turkey
  23. United Kingdom
  1. Australia
  2. Hong Kong
  3. India
  4. New Zealand
  5. Singapore
  1. United Arab Emirates
  1. Democratic Republic of Congo
  2. Ghana
  3. Kenya
  4. South Africa
  5. Uganda
  6. Zambia
  7. Zimbabwe
Last edited: August 31, 2020
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