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User Sign-out

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Users can sign out by clicking the Sign out link from the profile menu.  Signing out will take the user back to the starting page of the application they are working with.  Attempting access any protected area will require the user to sign in again.

Troubleshooting sign-out failure

Sometimes sign-out can fail and an error message displayed at the top of the page indicating the failure.  Possible reasons for sign-out failure are explained below.

a. User already signed out

Modern web browsers allow multiple web pages from the same web application (website) to be opened simultaneously in separate tabs.  Sometimes users with multiple tabs open sign out from one tab and then navigate to another they had opened before they signed out.  Attempting to sign out again leads to an error since the user already signed out from another tab.

b. Network connectivity problems

Sign-out can also fail due to lack of connectivity to the remote servers caused by network problems.

c. User inactivity

If a user does not perform any activity on the platform for a prolonged period of time after signing in, they are automatically signed out on the server to protect their information and to conserve server resources.


a. How frequently should I sign out?

If you use a dedicated computer that only you use, you may sign out only at the end of a work day. Please remember to lock your computer while you are signed in to prevent any unauthorized access using your user profile.

If however you use a shared computer, please sign out immediately after completing your work online. You should also close the web browser after signing out to prevent unauthorized access to your profile information by other users who may have access to the shared computer.

b. How long before the platform signs me out automatically?

The platform signs out users automatically after an hour (60 minutes) of inactivity.

Last edited: May 2, 2016