WEBINAR: Using AWS as a Secondary Data Center

Date: 10/18/17
Time: 11:00 am PT, 2:00 pm ET 
Duration: 1 hour
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Are you looking for ways to increase the agility, scalability and cost-effectiveness of your data center through the addition of Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources? Whether your use case is disaster recovery & business continuity, dev/ops, cloud-bursting, hybrid cloud or migration, this webinar will reveal how new technologies eliminate the complexity of deploying and operating a seamless VMware and AWS computing environment.

We will demonstrate the only award-winning technology that fully automates the interoperability of VMware and AWS, utilizing all of the management infrastructure, templates, workflows and automation you already have.  See how easily you can leverage AWS as a secondary data center and:
  • Unify hybrid administration & management with VMware vCenter
  • Clone, snapshot, migrate hybrid workloads
  • Automate bi-directional workload conversion
  • Integrate hybrid networking management
  • Consolidate security & access control models
  • Utilize AWS for integrated, low-cost disaster recovery & business continuity
  • Apply existing automation across hybrid resources 

Join us and learn how to transform your existing on-premise environment into a hybrid data center leveraging AWS in only a couple of hours!