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  • Webinar

    Top Use Cases for VMware & Amazon

    Learn about the top 3 corporate IT use cases for VMware & Amazon Web Services along with techniques to seamlessly unify management.
    DATE: 9/2/14 at 11:00 am PT, 2:00 pm ET

  • Case Study

    IDC: A Critical Step Forward in Hybrid Cloud

    This IDC Flash covers the HotLink technology and how it makes leveraging hybrid IT for enterprise computing much easier and cost effective.

  • “The use of hybrid clouds in enterprise computing workloads is a matter of when, not if. HotLink's patented Transformation Engine enables a single administrative console to be used to natively manage multiple heterogeneous environments.”
    Eric Burgener, IDC

  • “We have been using VMware SRM, but it is just too expensive to have unused capacity in a colocation facility. HotLink gives us the same functionality at a fraction of the price by leveraging pay-as-you-go resources in Amazon.”
    John Bickle, Cellfish Media

  • "HotLink DR Express lets us benefit from the attractive economics of Amazon to ensure that our VMware operations continue uninterrupted, at only a fraction of the infrastructure and personnel cost of industry alternatives."
    Scott McGillivray, VP IT Seattle Bank

  • “For hybrid IT to be viable, IT needs straightforward solutions like HotLink to enable disparate platforms to easily interoperate, whether they happen to be on- or off-premise.”
    Mark Bowker, Enterprise Strategy Group

  • "Leveraging HotLink, NetApp, AWS and Direct Connect, we offer unified hybrid management, workload portability, complete data control, low-latency data transfer, and the attractive economics and scalable compute power of AWS."
    Lee Gates, NetApp

  • "By enabling VMware shops to leverage Amazon Web Services for business continuity, HotLink is filling in the missing link (integrated management) that really makes BC/DR achievable – from a technical and a financial perspective."
    Jason Buffington, Enterprise Strategy Group

  • "HotLink can enable the existing IT management infrastructure from VMware to support public cloud resources without adding another layer of complexity.”
    Paul Burns, Neovise

  • “This management model — the ability to manage infrastructure across traditional, private cloud, public cloud and virtual private cloud — is a game changer that nearly all IT environments will move to over time.”
    Eric Burgener, IDC

  • "The ability to easily extend current management constructs off-premise and manage as a single resource pool is very compelling."
    Mark Settle, CIO IHS

  • “Customers gain efficiencies and costs savings when combining the speed of Direct Connect with NetApp Private Storage for AWS, and the integration to on-premises VMware management using HotLink.”
    Brian Lillie, CIO Equinix

  • "HotLink DR Express fills a big void in the data protection industry, an easy-to-deploy and intuitive-to-use DR and BC solution, integrated with existing operations, and affordable for every company.”
    George Crump, Storage Switzerland

  • "The HotLink platform is a straightforward way for VMware vCenter users to support other virtual infrastructures."
    James Barrese, SVP Technology PayPal

  • "The HotLink technology enables one consistent set of management tools across multi-hypervisor deployments without obscuring the functionality that differentiates these platforms.”
    Bernd Harzog, The Virtualization Practice

  • "HotLink’s transformation technology is unique in its ability to abstract the complexity of hybrid environments and enable seamless interoperability."
    Justin White, VP Engineering E*TRADE