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    AWS as Your "Cloud-Attached" Data Center

    Today's data center is always on, and it’s leaning heavily on the public cloud. Check out this eBook to learn about new technology that helps you unify hybrid resources with ease.

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    6 Elements of Successful DRaaS

    Not all DRaaS solutions are created equal. Check out this eBook and learn the critical things to consider, so you will have the protection you need when the inevitable IT failure strikes.

  • Solution Brief

    Citrix & HotLink Team Up on Management

    Learn how to easily extend VMware vCenter capabilities to XenServer for XenApp & XenDesktop. Get best-in-class capabilities, unified management & big savings!

  • “Our business depends on electronic commerce, warehouse systems, distribution and logistics to fuel company growth. HotLink makes it possible for us to tap into AWS for the business resiliency we have long needed, at a price that finally works.”
    Dwight Atkinson, CIO East Coast News

  • “Integrating normal IT operations and DR/BC within a management framework is a must; leveraging hybrid-cloud services with BC/DR expertise makes even more sense … you’ll have a full-sized spare tire rather than a low-mileage, low-speed donut.”
    Jason Buffington, Enterprise Strategy Group

  • “We chose HotLink to unify management of our hybrid IT infrastructure because it gives us the ability to utilize the robustness of VMware vCenter and easily extend it to cloud-based platforms.”
    Bernd Harzog, CEO OpsDataStore

  • “HotLink DR Express fills a big void in the data protection industry, an easy-to-deploy and intuitive-to-use DR and BC solution, integrated with existing operations, and affordable for every company.”
    George Crump, Storage Switzerland

  • "We are partnering with HotLink so our mutual Intercloud customers can benefit from a streamlined hybrid IT solution in a hybrid cloud environment."Kenneth Owens, CTO Cisco Systems

  • “We have been using VMware SRM, but it is just too expensive to have unused capacity in a colocation facility. HotLink gives us the same functionality at a fraction of the price by leveraging pay-as-you-go resources in Amazon.”
    John Bickle, Cellfish Media

  • "HotLink can enable the existing IT management infrastructure from VMware to support public cloud resources without adding another layer of complexity"
    Paul Burns, Neovise

  • “HotLink DR Express lets us benefit from the attractive economics of Amazon to ensure that our VMware operations continue uninterrupted, at only a fraction of the infrastructure and personnel cost of industry alternatives.”
    Scott McGillivray, VP IT Seattle Bank

  • "This management model — the ability to manage infrastructure across traditional, private cloud, public cloud and virtual private cloud — is a game changer that nearly all IT environments will move to over time."Eric Burgener, IDC

  • "For hybrid IT to be viable, IT needs straightforward solutions like HotLink to enable disparate platforms to easily interoperate, whether they happen to be on- or off-premise."
    Mark Bowker, Enterprise Strategy Group

  • "Leveraging HotLink, NetApp, AWS and Direct Connect, we offer unified hybrid management, workload portability, complete data control, low-latency data transfer, and the attractive economics and scalable compute power of AWS.”
    Lee Gates, NetApp

  • “The ability to easily extend current management constructs off-premise and manage as a single resource pool is very compelling.”
    Mark Settle, CIO IHS

  • “Customers gain efficiencies and costs savings when combining the speed of Direct Connect with NetApp Private Storage for AWS, and the integration to on-premises VMware management using HotLink.”
    Brian Lillie, CIO Equinix

  • "HotLink’s transformation technology is unique in its ability to abstract the complexity of hybrid environments and enable seamless interoperability.”
    Justin White, VP Engineering E*TRADE

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